Oh, yes, it was so violent and chaotic there… said no one that watched the video. Yet, where were the police when there actually were violent mobs burning, looting, vandalizing, etc.? Oh, right, they wanted to go home alive those days, weeks, and months, so avoided those areas entirely.


That’s quite the reach you have there. Are you saying that just because he’s a Christian, he will pull a gun and start shooting? Or are you saying the peaceful liberals will come over and attack him and the cops were protecting themselves from the liberals?

PS have you ever heard of this new invention called a radio. If those two cops were that afraid all they had to do is call for backup.


The officers JOB is to protect the constitution. Literally! He was, however, doing what he was told to do. A useful idiot. All three of them, assigned to a pride parade, doesn’t that say enough. Pride is one of the deadliest sins and that guy can speak his mind in hopes he might reach one of those kids or a confused teen. He can do that in this country and if they don’t like that they can swallow their pride and move their party inside to a private location. Believe me, you can hear opposition at a pro life rally. It’s expected.


This is what gets to me about the left. They claim women can do the job just as good as a man. In some instances that is very true. In other instances it’s completely false. Women know they aren’t as strong as men nor the physical characteristics in every man. Yet the left and liberal women want to do jobs that are obviously require a man.

What do we see happening now in women’s sports? We see that men that can’t compete with other men can win every woman’s sport they compete in. Then women start to react in unnecessary ways to compensate.

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“When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.” Edmund Burke (1770)


“Speaking of trolls…”
BRUCETwo-Six: You Sir, Beat me to it.

Mark697, GOD BLESS YOU. (am I allowed to say that anymore?) We live in one of the greatest countries on EARTH and you sir
have the RIGHT to your opinions and beliefs (without the fear of oh say Gas Chambers,
Lynching, Tar and feathering (now) , false Imprisonment (oh wait! sorry the LEFT is doing that now! J6 My bad)
but (my opinion): Your southbound head has flown northbound into your posterior).
How the H-E-double hockey-sticks can you write “You could arrest him now and avoid a fight or wait for the fight to break out and arrest combatants”… OH MY GOD SIR! Did your daddy read “Mein Kamph”
to you when you were a child? Mr. Hitler sir, Why did you slaughter (6) MILLION JEWS? Adolph: because they were bad. How do you know this? Uncle Adolph: Because I said so… Sounds like something our commander-in-thief would say today straight faced. If you can arrest a CITIZEN for NON-VIOLENT PROTEST but you let the Anti-Fu–'s and Blurred Lines Matter folks RIOT unimpeded then I think there needs to be a regime change right now! BEFORE A FIGHT BREAKS OUT RIGHT?
Let’s not give the “Corruptible’s” any ideas brother.


Truth Truth and Truth again :us:


The officers job, is to uphold and enforce the law. This protester was exercising his constitutionally protected right to free speech, and peaceful assembly. He was arrested, for not breaking any laws. If, a fight did break out, then the officer should arrest whomever starts the fight. That would be an assault, which is a crime. I hope this guy sues the department for a pile of money. This was an infringement of his God given, constitutionally protected rights.


Yeah, that’s why disorderly conduct and disturbing peace ordinances are written so vaguely, so that metaphorical bombs can be defused before they go off. I wouldn’t say this officer did the wrong thing. But I can’t help but note whom officers protect. This street preacher was removed to protect drunken festival attendees (one could counter-argue that the street preacher was removed for his own safety). There’s a religious group in my city that stands on a box with a megaphone and yells at all the white devils that walk by- those street preachers are protected by the police.

When protesters came to the NRA convention, the protesters were protected. When protesters show up at the homes of Supreme Court justices, the protesters are protected. When rioters show up and take over blocks of U.S. cities, they’re protected.

It would be nice if the 1st Amendment applied equally and universally. Then again, we’ve had it for 200 years and still regularly send 1st Amendment cases to the Supreme Court to interpret, so maybe the problem is just our messy society.


You’ve demonstrated that: (1) you have no situational awareness and (2) you’ve never been a cop who’s had to try and call for help on the radio.

Say you are carrying a concealed weapon and you encounter this scene. Who’s more likely to have a gun, the crowd of leftists protesting for some LGBTQ nonsense or the guy with a backpack who came there to confront the crowd and is shouting Bible verses (maybe the part about death to gays)? It can’t possible be the Bible guy 'cause he’s just exercising his 1st Amendment rights and anybody who does that would never be a threat to anyone.

I haven’t been a cop but I’ve been a prison guard. Lack of situational awareness in a prison will get you a can of tuna or an orange to the back of your head. You will get a lot of witnesses to come forward to back you up in there. I know you prefer having sh1t smeared on your office door and windows!

Edit: we had body alrms to call for help and at night had to call into contrll every two hours or the compound guards would come to check on you.


That’s not what cops do. If it was, they would not issue the unconstitutional CCW permits that folks on this site hold so dear. There would not be lines at the airport to have government agents conduct a warrantless, unconstitutional search as cops would break that up. They would not enforce drug laws for possession of plants.

Cops go to situations that are FUBAR and do what they can to maintain the peace.

Just 'cause the guy claims to be a Christian does not mean he’s not a threat to the peace. After all, he came to some LGBTQ demonstration to provoke the demonstrators carrying a backpack. What’s in the backpack? Don’t know 'cause officers don’t have x-ray eyes. Could it/he be dangerous? Maybe the “death to gays” Bible quotes might give you some idea.

But like I said before, they could have also been protecting the street preacher. 95% of crowds will ignore the trolls, whether it’s online or in real life. But it only takes a few people from a large crowd to feed the trolls, and then someone’s going to get hurt.

I’m not saying the street preacher can’t exercise his 1st Amendment rights. I’m just saying that the officer who arrested him might have done him a favor. Maybe God sent that police officer to spare this street preacher a beating.

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With all due respect, a prison guard is not the same as what a street cop faces. When I was a cop and called for help on the radio, more often than not no one was available – nada, crickets. Or, the “help” you got was ill-equipped to actually provide real help (one of the cops I worked with was called “Peepers” because his eyesight was so bad) or so far away that by the time they got there, the situation would have spun out of control.

You often have to deal with the situation: (1) right away; (2) with what you have; and (3) making the best guess you can about who is a threat, and making that right now.

I know, how about the awareness needed because an inmate couldn’t get the transfer he wanted. Walked up behind a housing unit officer out at his desk in the common area. As the guard was talking to other inmates, the inmate whose transfer was denied picked up his phone and beat him over the head with it!

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And in my experience, when cops intervene in crowd situations, there is a real possibility that the angry crowd turns on the cops. Then, cops get to beat feet away if they can, or retreat back to back with guns drawn hoping to go home rather than be killed/maimed by an angry crowd at a drunken birthday party (my personal experience) or a bogus LGBTQ demonstration.

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And that would be what? The 50 people who start beating the Bible guy? The out of shape middle aged cop and his lone female partner are gonna do that and put everybody, clown car style, in the back of their cruiser. Boy howdy, that’s gonna happen.

Or, wait until the Bible guy shouting “death to gays” from some scripture, pulls a firearm out of his backpack and starts shooting. Yeah, then you can write a really good after the fact report about how you witnessed the killings and protected the Bible guy’s 1st Amendment rights.

Oh, I don’t have to deal with one inmate shanking another! What fantasy land do you live in. I had keys which were taken at night and a body alarm, that’s it. Me and 230+ inmates 50 minutes an hour, alone. At night it was 230+ inmates alone together for eight hours. Trapped in a housing unit. My back up to 5-10 minutes to arrive and I get dead in less time than it takes to unlock the door.

I can’t tell you how many shanks I found by ppl willing to use them.


I believe that was your claim as an expert on street cop reality.

Show me where I said I was an expert. What does your training tell you to do when out numbered? It says to stand and fight right! Pls, I am not that stupid. You would be right there with those two cops cuffing him up, taking away his rights tyrant.