I hope he sues them for all they have and ever will have. :angry:


The only reason the guy didn’t get face planted on the sidewalk is because of the camera.

Would be interesting if some of the LEOs here commented what they would do or if they would stop the arrest.


I can not hear the first part very well, what was he trying to quote?

Yes, the Bible, I get that, I am asking Book, Chapter, Verse.

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FOX News
FOX News


Man arrested while citing Bible verse in protest of Pride event, then video evidence sinks case

Charges were dropped against a self-professing Christian “street preacher” who was arrested while citing the Bible in protest of an LGBTQ Pride event in Reading, Pennsylvania, authorities said.

Damon Atkins was arrested June 6 for"disorderly conduct, engaged in fighting," but the charges were dropped after an official review of video evidence, the Berks County District Attorney’s Office said in a press release.

“The charges were withdrawn after the District Attorney’s Office reviewed the videos of the incident along with applicable case law,” the statement said.

Berks County Commissioner Christian Leinbach had told The Lancaster Patriot that he believed the arrest of Atkins was “unlawful” and “could open the City of Reading and their police department to legal action.”

A video of Atkins’ encounter with the police officer and his arrest was caught on video by Matthew Wear, a resident of the Pennsylvania city.
Atkins is seen talking with Sgt. Bradley McClure as he cites Bible verses to the attendees of the event, which reportedly included drag queens and children.

“This is public property,” Atkins said in an exchange with McClure, in which the officer agreed.

Atkins later shouted, “God cares!” the video shows.

“Let them have their day,” McClure replied, according to the footage.
The officer tells the street preacher he should respect attendees. Atkins held a sign that said “Jesus said go and sin no more.”

“Oh, I’m respecting,” Atkins replied while pointing to his sign.

After Atkins is told to respect the attendees again, he asks the officer, “You know who’s cheering for us?”

“The people that are in hell,” Atkins said, according to the video. “So you do you, and I’m going to do me.”

McClure briefly walks away, the video shows, but he looks back at Atkins, who then begins to cite a Bible verse.

“That’s it, you’re done,” the officer said and walked over to handcuff him.

Atkins is seen handing over his sign to a fellow protester and is told he cannot give his bag to another man, the video shows. Attendees of the pride event appear to applaud the arrest.

“I cannot believe I’m watching this,” Wear said on camera.

“God is not the author of…” Atkins shouted, but was cut off a second time as McClure escorted him away.

Atkins was reportedly trying to cite 1 Corinthians 14:33, “For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.”

The officer wrote in an affidavit in the police complaint that Atkins allegedly “began to yell to the people at the event,” and McClure “immediately approached him and told him that, while he was free to stand on that side of the street and hold his sign, he could not cross the street nor yell comments intended to disrupt the event. Atkins said he understood.”

McClure added that “less than a minute later he resumed yelling derogatory comments to the people at the event. Because I had already given him a warning, I immediately told him he was being arrested for disorderly conduct.”

An officer from the Reading Police Department told Fox News Digital that there was a “good hour interaction” between Atkins and the officer before the video was taken and that “there’s more to the story here.”
In an interview with CBN News, following the pride march and arrest, Atkins said his comment about people cheering them on from hell was in reference to a parable that Jesus tells in Luke 16:19-31, which is a story about a rich man and a beggar named Lazarus.

He ended the interview thanking those who have supported him and expressed that he was anxious for what had occurred.

“I don’t want anyone to think – please don’t think that I hate anyone,” he said in the interview. “I love my neighbor as Lord Jesus has taught me to love myself. That’s why I was there.”


There are so many cops that don’t understand what public property is and freedom of speech. Preacher can stand all day and yell if he wants. He didn’t cross the street at least what is on the video. We need cops, they do a tuff job and at the same time cops (more than only some) let the uniform go to their heads.



You can dress in black skinny jeans and hoodie and burn cities to the ground…. Just don’t bring God into it or there will be consequences :flushed:


@Hasaf This is what he was trying to say. :slightly_smiling_face:


And who did the guy quoting Bible verses hope to convince with his sign and free speech? He was there confronting the protestors simply hoping to fight with someone. You could arrest him now and avoid a fight or wait for the fight to break out and arrest combatants.


Which is exactly the same thing the left does. Why do you cheeron one side but not the other? The left loves to shout down the right so the right can’t voice their opinions. You take offense when the right does it to the left? Good set of double standards.


By him preaching the word and telling them about Jesus Christ, he was doing what his Lord (and mine) asked him to do. I am sure that is how he and the other protestors with him may be thinking.

If the leftists can push their degenerate message, this guy can serve his Lord. It is BS that he was arrested. What the hell? I am glad the powers that be backed off prosecuting the guy.

If a fight broke out, arrest the people who throw the first punch. Not just bust the Christian. This is America for God’s sake!


The right is starting to lawyer up and suing out of control cops and cities that let the run amok. Sad part of it is there goes the equipment upgrades, road maintenance and other vital services needed to keep a city going.


Sure! But when Antifa is throwing paper cups full of concrete at right wing events the cops do nothing. It’s a one sided system for sure.



Don’t forget the pre-staged piles of bricks and fireworks too. A brick to the side of the head even with a helmet on isn’t fun to be on the receiving side.


It doesn’t matter who he was speaking to or what he was trying to convince them of. Thats not the point. He was arrested for FREE SPEECH, and nothing more!

Edited to add, he could also argue he was arrested for freedom of religion! This should bother you, whether you disagree with his message or not. It should bother every single American citizen.


ZERO relevance. I am an Atheist, but I fully support free speech, even religious commentary. That officer should be fired and the locality sued into obscurity.


The officer was doing his job – keeping the peace (and ensuring that he and his female partner went home alive that day). The officer was not there to promote the 1st Amendment, just prevent a fight between the protestors and the Bible thumper.

The guy quoting Bible verses came there to provoke people he disagreed with and spark violence. He was not trying to convince anyone of anything, 'cause he knew that the protestors were so far beyond his message that they would not be convinced of anything Biblical.

So, what would you have the officer – an out of shape middle age man there with a female officer – do?

Do nothing and let the blood letting begin, 'cause that’s what would happen. Then, the 2 officers – an out of shape middle aged man and a female officer would have to wade into the middle of a brawl involving what looked like 60 agitated people. That’s what gets cops killed for no good reason.

Or, maybe arrest the 60+ protestors and squeeze them clown car style in the back of their cruiser?

Arresting the Bible guy will surely draw the ire of people who have never been cops or ever had to quell an angry mob accusing them of targeting Christians and infringing on the 1st Amendment. The BS about what the left does is just that BS, cause cops are not the agency that supposed to level the playing field between angry Bible quoting people and angry leftist LGBTQ people.

That’s not what cops are called on to do. They are supposed to keep the peace even when it pisses off internet trolls.


Speaking of trolls. :rofl:


He was arrested for what ‘might’ have happened.
Didn’t Spielberg make a movie about that?:thinking: