CHOP: Fed-up man reacts

TheBlaze: 'I’m sick of this s**t!: Fed-up man turns over tables, tosses barricades at CHOP — and appears to pull gun when someone with knife objects.

I guess some people have limits.

My favorite part was someone from the CHOP zone saying he was destroying their property.

Also the old maxim "Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight.

All of this to the side. It shows how much law and order have broken down. Normally charges would be flying all over.


In one jaw-dropping moment, the distressed observer actually complained that “you’re destroying their property!”

Oh, chop comrades have property, and they object to it being destroyed. Priceless!!!
Thanks for posting this.


If that man owns that gun legally he should be acting in a civilized manner. He is actually brandishing and menacing the people that are there. This situation could have really got out of hand if the people there would have attacked him to take his gun. He is their intimidating people with a firearm and yelling at bystanders who have nothing to do with what is going on. He will soon be on his way to jail once he gets identified. Even the person with the knife also brandishing a deadly weapon.


Priceless for sure but I’m very afraid that we haven’t seen anything yet. Wait till the election. I do hope I’m wrong.


Yes, I am also concerned. In particular, about Houses of Worship. Faith is the object of intense hatred by Marxists, and there has been buzz in the press, various losers interviewed, and that makes me think they would choose this target to maximize insult to the public.


Holly Springs, Mississippi. on 05-22-2020. A church was burned down by a supposed atheist group. :rage:


As this isn’t a discussion about self-defense or our Second Amendment rights, please make sure these types of topics are placed in the News & Current Events / Current Events category.

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Agree 100 percent thanks Dawn.


No sir, I think you are very correct about the election. If President Trump is re-elected, the bolshiveks will go wilder than any of that we have yet seen. I also hope I am wrong.


Well, the spray painted message would imply that, but the head of that group repudiated that and strongly denounced the destruction as being against their values. Time will tell. I know in Richmond, VA, the “protesters” have defaced religious buildings - even a Synagogue, near where they have rioted, looted, committed arson, attacked the police, and “protested”. They are definitely not an Atheist group, but they are assorted thugs, anarchists, Antifa, etc.

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I think we can take away several points about defending ourselves from this little video clip. A little critique if you will… (channels Jon Corea from ASP)

  • While we can all understand his frustration at the situation, throwing away and destroying CHAZ “property” is surely asking for a confrontation. Best to avoid confrontations, but its not like he can call the police to take care of it…
  • Look how long it took him to get his pistol out of pocket carry. I counted at least 4secs. If the guy with a knife had been feeling a little more murderous he would have been in trouble
  • Because the knife wielder was being somewhat discreet, bystanders would have no idea why he pulled a firearm. He should/could have immediately yelled “DROP THE KNIFE” so onlookers know why he pulled his firearm
  • He unnecessarily closed the distance to the knife wielder. Distance benefits the firearm, proximity benefits the knife. He gave away his advantage by closing the distance
  • At the beginning, he kept the firearm by his side instead of something like a compressed ready (pick your flavor of ready positions). This would make it slower for him to actually shoot if the knife wielder attacked and also harder to prevent someone else coming up and making a grab for the gun
  • He falls into the same trap lots of police fall into. Repeating “put the knife down” over and over again. When you repeat the same thing over and over it tends to be ignored. You have to change the way you ask
  • He is really focused on the knife guy, and in this case it was appropriate. But you have to always be aware of secondary attacks
  • He was alone versus at least 9 people at one point that I could count on camera. How many rounds do you think he had in that firearm? Do you think he had a spare mag?

You’re not wrong. I hope it tapers off afterward though.


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