Old City bar owner pulls gun on man during social distancing argument

I hope there is a video that will help detail how this started. From what the article says, I don’t like Mr. Atlig’s chances in court. However, I would have to know how heated the argument got.


Same old story, MSM trying to use race to inflame public opinion. Then some politician to come along and Virtue Signal.

Now let’s all stand up and Virtue Signal together.

Before we rush to judgement, could we let a little something called innocent until proven guilty and some facts come into play.


He may be OK. In PA, it looks like there is not a brandishing law, and the Castle Doctrine is honored. As long as he’s a legal gun owner, and the judge/jury agree that the bike lock was perceived as a potentially lethal weapon. All of that said, there is a lot wrong with what this guy did. On a crowded city street, the potential to hit innocents behind his target is huge.


Ironic that while the young man is supposedly telling people to distance, he’s not himself wearing a mask in public…

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My 2 cents really worth 1 cent if that

I think the Bar Owner made a mistake here / Lets not forget the Honor/privilege/ and purpose of owning a gun, it is for self defense / LIFE THREATENING Self Defense

These actions just provide more ammo to the Anti Gun Groups

What Happen to common sense - dis-escalation

My 1 cent


Admittedly this got WAY out of hand, assuming the original premise is accurate. However, after that, Bar owner reports that instigator reached behind his back before he drew his weapon to confront what might be coming. I’d bet any cop or civilian protector would wish to have drawn at that point, if they were fast enough to have done so… Otherwise you may get a bullet yourself. Isn’t that what we’re training for?? Bar owner didn’t actually shoot anyone, but guarded against and diffused a situation. He had no idea what was coming out from the back of the other man, nor that person’s mental state (other than confrontational from the start). Maybe the neighborhood is rough with lots of violence… He knows. I don’t.

If the initial reports are accurate, I’d say well done. If bar guy drew weapon before other guy reached behind his back however, it was totally wrong by bar guy.

My take away here, is that in these times especially, DON’T MESS WITH PEOPLE, and mind your own business.


Yeah, that’s fair.

Thet, right there^^^^^^^^ is kind of my jam.


@DavidM58: Your one cent is worth thousands of dollars. Spot on. We should be held to a higher standard.

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Thank you I appreciate that