Is it self-defense?

Is it self-defense?

An night out turns into a shooting at a Florida bar. This leaves me with so many questions.

What are your thoughts about the situation?

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1st and foremost, guns and booze aren’t good bedfellows. He should have shown better judgment on that. Now, the retired officer, and witnesses claim the other man lifted his shirt and essentially brandished a firearm. I think that would give cause to be concerned. If someone will brandish a gun, a few more drinks, and they might draw it. A good example, of putting yourself in a bad situation.

  1. One should never carry when in a bar, here in California it’s prohibited to carry when in a business who’s primary income comes from the sale of alcohol. You can carry in a restaurant, but not drink, you cannot wait in the restaurant bar area because the primary income in the bar is from the sale of alcohol.

I’m thinking there might be more to the story than what the victim and his attorney are disclosing.

So many questions: Why did Clark grab his arms is the big one for me. Was Cooks reaching for something, maybe a knife that was in plain sight? Too many missing pieces of the puzzle to be able to render an opinion on this one.