M&P 2.0 compact or p-10 compact cz?

Cant decide what gun to get next… I would appreciate your input. Thank you in advance.

I already have the m&p shield 2.0 with crimson trace

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These questions always surprise me… I bet you will see 45% for MP2.0, 45% for CZ P10 and another 10% for completely different gun :neutral_face:
Best choice comes from your hand. Both pistols are great but you need to shoot both to decide. I would not count on other’s opinion. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Since you’ve been already owner of M&P Shield, I’d recommend M&P 2.0.
… But it’s just my opinion…


I love my M&P 2.0 compact. It shoots absolutely naturally and the stock trigger is far better than the originals.


I love my M&P2.0C the ergonomics are great, great shooting gun.