Any reviews on the m&p eq?

M&P EQ Reviews on this by owners?


Better than Shield EZ, worse than M&P9 M.2.
Shoots like every M&P handgun. Easy to shoot and reliable (200 rds or so).
Is it good or bad? All depends on the shooter, not the handgun.
Unfortunately not my favorite model, so no more reviews from me. :metal:


Preception, an individual’s thinking. There will be an unknown amount of thoughts about this item. I’m going with what our Sheriff tells his Deputies, Use your Preception of the situation you are called to.
I’ll say to you, find a range that has that firearm for rent and try it out. Or better yet, a buddy who has one and they will let you try it. It’s undependable to rely on others likes or dislikes.


With enough data points though, it can be a good start.

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I see several YouTube reviews available. As always, watch several to see if there’s a consensus regarding good vs bad characteristics.

The Shield is the only M & P that I did not like. I had carpal tunnel surgery and it beat up on the scar tissue and hurt to shoot. So I gave it to my grand daughter

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