FN 503 or M&P shield ez

Looking at these two to replace my daily. I like the reliably of the fn. thoughts?


@mike286 Welcome to the community, we are glad to have you here.
If you can afford it I would go with the FN. I have not shot this model but have shot FNs in the past and found them to be worth the price in all areas. :us:


Welcome to the community @mike286! I can’t speak of the FN503 but I have the M&P Shield EZ, Glocks, SIgs, 1911’s. All of them are great guns but… I have to say my FN509 is my favorite in many ways!!

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Welcome to the community @mike286

What made you narrow it down to these two choices? There are lots of options in this size range today. Many with more capacity.

The main reason to choose the EZ would be for the easy to rack slide. The FNs have a well deserved reputation. Out of those two choices I would go with the FN unless I had hand issues that made it hard for me to work the slide or the EZ just fit my hand better.


Welcome to the Community, @mike286 .

I’d second others. FN would be my choice.
It conceals better. Both are reliable, once maintained well, but M&P EZ is tricky to disassemble and may cause problems in stressful moments.
I would use M&P EZ only for weak hands, as it was designed for.
The only disadvantage of FN (for me) is short grip with 6 rd mag.

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I know that the S&W Shield is a bit tricky to disassemble when removing the slide. But, the EZ model is as simple as a Glock. Probably easier in my experience.

Can you elaborate on what you find so tricky about field stripping the S&W EZ models?

Thanks, stay safe!

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People get a tendency to grip the pistol to remove the slide. And that makes M&P EZ slide stuck. I just don’t like procedures that very differ from regular habits.
It’s like driving car regularly and then driving it in Great Britain during thunderstorm. :wink:


Why would you be disassembling your gun in a stressful moment? if you have a failure that requires a field strip in a self defense situation there is no time no matter the gun for a field strip .


I’m the man who predicts everything.
I’m not gonna clean my gun during gunfight, but sometimes “tap-rack” is not enough.
Even I may have 1 chance per million that I have to take off the slide in gunfight - I want to be prepared for it and do this with closed eyes.
We are not talking about range time, or class… we are talking about our lives ! And I’m not going to rely on habits that can contain any mistakes.
My plan is to die naturally. :wink:

Let’s go back to the topic - FN503 or M&P EZ?


Here is some info and reviews through Rural King.

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@mike286 Welcome to the community. Lots of information here, and share also. :us: :us: :us:

ya’ll are great! I really appreciate all the feedback. You’ve given me lots of great info and and i’ll probably head down the google rabbit hole on a lot of this. Great site! Happy I joined. Gonna miss my S&W 640 daily but since it’s a brick I’m happy to move on to the next daily.

Thanks again


Good question. Think it might be better to read the disassembly/reassembly instructions first before one criticizes the MP EZ. I disassemble/reassemble my MP EZ practically w/my eyes closed. So simple, never had a problem.

Nobody criticized M&P EZ reassembly process… I just pointed one more point of failure in certain situation, that some people may not be aware of.

Everything is a personal preference. Nobody have to follow other’s steps.