Loons on our planet...and our roads

More FJB drugs?


Nothing is routine, but instantly entering the twilight zone, is completely nuts. How do you prepare for instant psychopathy.
Good thing it’s caught on video, because on paper it would be unbelievable. As for us civilians, we’re screwed!


You makes your choices, you takes your chances…He chose poorly.

I long ago lost my sign in to youscrewd…. So I can’t watch that one.

Yes Sir, HE chose poorly. He seemed to have a plan to ‘SBC’ for whatever reason
and this Officer was the unfortunate recipient of that plan. These days it seems
every stop, every call can be their last. When Domestic Violence calls in the past
seemed to be the most dangerous now all bets are off on every call. Ya neva know.
Yesterday I got a call to chase a ‘sleeper’ off at my Truck Stop. One of the attendants was walking right up to the car La La La and was going to bang on the window. I called him off
and approached like the Cops do from the back. I smelled ‘Pop Corn’ ( possible Meth)
Called it in, we called the Pro’s and as we were waiting, I took down the Plate#, best description of the car, He stirred, woke up (kind of) and saw me and flipped out. He reached under the seat and I retreated drawing my weapon (JIC) I took cover behind a huge Utility truck. . He peeled out, drove past the Cops as they were entering the lot. Gave them the info and they took off after him. Who knows? what happened. I just want to go home at night. I’m not a Cop. I protect the people there and the property, that’s it.
This poor soul in the vid was in obvious pain. There’s no place for them to go anymore in some cities. The .gov shut down all helpful resources and regular folks are left to deal with the actions afterwards now. Shame. In Albuquerque there is a NEW # ‘Dial 988’ It’s a Mental Health line. No, they don’t send anybody out to help you, they TALK you down from the ledge–over the phone-fantastic! Good job .gov ! Plus Plus! NOT! Our Cop cars removed ‘911’ from their vehicles.
They now have please call ‘311’. They also have a new breed of ‘Cannon Fodder’ called ----wait for it–Community support personnel’ whoo boy does THAT make me feel safer. I call them Social Justice Warrior’s. Unarmed (Thank God) they get the domestic’s/ ‘see the man about’ calls when the Cops are overwhelmed. I don’t give a description of these folks but they look woefully unequipped to handle such calls. This is getting real stupid in this town.
The sleeper I sort of dealt with could have had a cannon ? or just a pipe? or nothing? who knows? Wasn’t going to unload on zero evidence/threat. I just wasn’t going to give him the chance of running me over (too much paperwork) :rofl:
Be careful folks
Use that Situational Awareness we talk about.
Train up
There’s a time to shoot and a time when NOT to shoot.
I’d hate to be the person telling this parking attendant’s wife he died because he tried to wake some druggie up.
USE YOUR BRAINS! Listen to that Intuition, Nothing seems simple and easy as it once was (for me anyway) No one fist fights anymore, People are on edge. A guy got shot dead in a huge bar/saloon (2) months ago because he bumped somebody walking past them. excuse me-Bang bang! Crazy stuff.

Looney Tunes with Guns
(Maybe I can be a cabana boy in Mexico?) Oh right every bodies here now—dopey Moi!)
adonde nosotros vamos uno nosotros ir todo!!!
Nessun passo sul serpente

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