Homeowner Fatally Shoots Home Invader Posing As Sheriff's Deputy


I think I’d have someone calling 911 in any case… in case they aren’t. And THIS is the sort of thing nightmares are made of. Are they the Sheriff? Are they NOT? No-knock warrant? Home invasion? Do you shoot? Do you find out later you shot a cop?

Worse still if it’s a no-knock and they have the wrong address… it’s happened. :grimacing:


If you forcefully enter my house without announcing yourself and knocking you will pay a price.
I am not going to take a chance by trying to have a nice chat first. Period.



I have always told my wife and daughter to call 911 if someone comes to the door. Saying they are Law Enforcement. Then let the 911 operator tell the police officer what to do.

I’ve had an actual officer knock on my door. Told him he needed to wait while I call 911 to see if they had an officer dispatched to my home.


I’ve done that a couple times when stopped in my truck… one night in the wee hours on my way home a sedan followed me off the highway, 6 miles, turning through a couple of intersections into a VERY rural area. I decided I was going back out to the highway and then to the nearest police station because I sure wasn’t leading him to my house. When I turned to go back towards the highway, he flipped on the unmarked bar lights and pulled me over.

Except he stopped like 25 yards back with the lightbar running.

And then he didn’t get out of his car.

Started to creep me out after a minute so I called the county sheriff and they said “not ours!” and referred me to the highway patrol… when I finally got THEM on the phone and they were checking, the guy flipped his lights off and pulled out in a U turn and left.

To this day I don’t know if it was an officer or not.


That’s my nightmare scenario with my daughter. She trusts to much. I have always told her if an unmarked car flipped lights and siren on, especially at night, to hit her caution lights to call 911 to check. Then drive to the police station while staying on the phone the whole time. You can rig lights and siren for a few hundred bucks, and since I know someone who can do that I assume others do to

Same advice for if someone hit her car at night. Call 911, caution lights, stay on phone with 911, drive to a well lit public space, and meet the police there.

I would rather pay to have her car repaired myself than take that risk, or pay an extra ticket.


I’m impressed with your tactics. Really freaky that they didn’t approach.
In hindsight, would you insist on following up on the car with LE?

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@RocketPak “He also found a loaded .45 glock and a large Bowie knife.”

Finders, keepers.

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Thanks @Aaron25 :blush:
It’s not the first time I’ve been followed, or harassed on the highway (3 times by creeps and one other time it was Border Patrol!!)
I probably would file a report now. At the time, I couldn’t see plates or make and model, only that it was a sedan that might fit for unmarked cop… and once they left, I didn’t really have much to offer the police on who or what. Still, I’d probably file a report anyway today… I’m much less patient with the world in some ways than I used to be.