Looking for training in central KY

I recently moved central KY and am looking for a place with good trainers. Mostly basic and advanced pistol self defense and home defense courses. Anyone recommend a good place to train?

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Welcome to the Community, @William191! I know there are some USCCA Instructors in central KY - but I’m not sure how close they are to you.

Check out this link:

You can search by location for trainers. I would suggest check out our Defensive Shooting Fundamentals classes - they are awesome and can be tailored for a variety of experience levels.

If you need more information, please let me know! :slight_smile:

Any Kentucky instructors here?

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I’ve looked there a few times. Seems like most of the training is in Cincinnati or Louisville. I live in Berea about 30 miles south of Lexington. Already taken and have my CCDW. I’m a vet and was a correctional officer but many years ago now.

Thank you for your service, @William191!

I don’t see any Defensive Shooting Instructors in your area. The closest would probably be OH. :confused:

I do see some instructors in the Lexington area for other classes, I can ask if they can reach out to you if you’d like? (I can get your email address from our system if you’d like - or you can private message me.)

Thank you very much but I think I’ll wait until the spring to see if classes pick up. Also will give me a chance to save if I have to travel.

Thanks again Bill

Bud’s Gun Shop and Range in Lexington has some good trainers.

ThNks Fish, you’re the second person to tell me about Bud’s.

@MikeBKY - who’s near you? any USCCA instructors?

Welcome to the Community @William191! What part of Kentucky are you in? Funny thing about Kentucky is everybody lives in central Kentucky unless they live in Ashland or Paducah!
In Louisville, the best places to look for training are the local ranges, Shoot Point Blank in Louisville, OpenRange in Crestwood and Knob Creek in West Point, AKA Syria. We do not have any USCCA instructors nearby, with the closest being in Cincinnati, Indianapolis and near Bowling Green.
My advice is to speak to someone at your local range to see what they have going on and others they may recommend.

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I live just outside of Berea. Between Richmond and Berea. I’ve emailed Bud’s asking about training but haven’t heard anything from them yet. I think because of the holiday. Will try again Monday.