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Instructors and students alike enjoy learning new skills and techniques in their evolution with firearms. Unfortunately and inevitably, previously learned skills tend to take a back seat when it comes to visiting the range for a practice session without a practice plan.

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Good afternoon, I am a new member with USCCA and REALLY want to refresh my training and then improve my training and understanding of our laws. We live in Mesa, Az. 85207 We are looking for recommendations to find solid training close to our home. Please advise

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Welcome, @L_MARTIN! Check out our training page here:

Or if you’re looking for a range:

If you need additional help, please let me know! (Tag me @dawn) and I will see your comment faster. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the USCCA Family, @L_MARTIN!!

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Hi Dawn, we just joined USCCA last week and we REALLY appreciate everyone’s response to our questions, thank you. Dawn where can we go today to begin our training beginning with the basics using video training?



Hi L_MARTIN check out Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club. They are on the Usery Mountain Reserve. And they do have Firearms Instructors that use the range for classes. But Sorry to say with the COVID-19 crisis going on a lot of places are not holding classes. And Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club has canceled all matches and I also think classes until this mess is over with. But the Public Range is open to go out and shoot.

As a USCCA Member, @L_Martin, check out your dashboard - log into the upper right hand corner here:

Then you can check out the education and training. If you’re an Elite Member, be sure to check out the elearning too. :slight_smile:

There are other videos and guides there that will be very helpful as well. You could spend weeks or months going through all of our training / educational materials!

Also, check us out on YouTube.

Does that help? :smiley: