Someone to train with

My name is Leroy and I am looking for someone to train with. I live in Bethel PA. 19507.


Masad Ayoob comes to Harrisburg, PA almost every year. Take MAG40. One of his trainers does a course in the Hershey/Lebanon area if I’m not mistaken.

I also took a Rob Pincus class in NJ. That shouldn’t be too far from you.

There was a psychiatrist that used to write articles in the old days of the USCCA magazine. He’s in the Philly area. Can’t come up with his name. But you should be able to find training in Philly.

John Lovell of Warrior Poet comes to Lebanon occasionally as well.

Also look up Cajun Arms. Might be a bit of a drive. I’ve never trained with them, but have interacted some via email and found them to be responsive.

Also look up trainers on the USCCA search.


Thank you. I appreciate that.


Good for you Leroy20. That sounds smart. I hope you find what your’e looking for. I being four states away, I personally don’t know where to begin for such a search out by you. This forum, USCCA, local ranges out by you – I guess. Some Pro 2A organizations in your region comes to mind. Wishing you success.

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Leroy, what level of training are you seeking?
While some USCCA instructors teach only USCCA courses, and some NRA instructors teach only NRA courses, many qualified instructors teach a variety of USCCA and NRA courses in addition to other “Handguns 101” for beginners as well as intermediate and advanced classes.
Therefore, you might benefit from searching for Pennsylvania instructors on the USCCA site, the NRA Instructors site, and other trainer sites like and

Thank you.

I’m not super far from you, but to far to just go train together. In your area there are a lot of uspsa matches. These are a great place to learn and meet people to train with.

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That sounds good. Thank you