Like Trump or not. He gets it right on Military

Iran-backed militiamen withdraw from siege of US Embassy in Baghdad as more American troops deployed.


13 minute response vs previous administrations 13 hour non-response.


Yep. Even mentions in his tweet that there will not be a Benghazi on his watch. 82nd Airborne and a Rapid Response Marine Unit based in Kuwait were there in hours.

There is alot more I would say here, but I am sure no one here is interested in just how far to the right I am when it comes to our Military and protection of them.


@Zavier_D, I would be interested. I’m willing to bet that you are not any ‘farther right’ on this subject than I am👍


I will just say that my military philosophy can be summed up in 2 very simple adages.

  1. Parking lot a country (bomb the country til it’s nice and flat). Lay down some asphalt, slap a McDonald’s and a Disney World in the middle of it and call it a day.
  2. There is no problem so serious that it can not be solved by a sustained artillery barrage.

I believe that the United States has been placing artificial constraints on itself since Vietnam. If the United States of America is going to appoint itself as the World’s Guardian (a position I do not necessarily agree with all of the time). Then it should stop handicapping it’s military
(I do agree with civilian control of the military). The Geneva Convention has fairly harsh penalties for those who engage in “asymmetrical” warfare. My position is we should start enforcing those penalties. As well as fighting to our full capabilities (short of chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons).

But that will never happen.


After the Supreme Leader AAK of Iran said “Trump can’t do a … thing” I was thinking, omg you should not have said that! BHO did nothing even when he told Asad to not cross the red line and he did, and again and again.

Trump I feel is going to give Iran a good smack down. Hopefully it is something visible, some cruise missiles, MOB, shock and awe, or at least some special forces to blow something up. Maybe another computer hack and take out there grid, do they have a grid?


Shock and awe and little missiles are a waste of time and money. Nukem! One and done. Getting real tired of loosing our people over there.
Start the new year off with a bang!


Let the dogs of war off the leash. Let them do the work they train to do and bring them home. We don’t need to stay to send a message. Sometimes the fear of us coming back is far more powerful.


Exactly the point I am making.

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A good show last night at the Iraq International Airport. Bagged QS and AMAM. Hopefully Iran will just go sit in the corner and think about what they’ve done now. Good measured punishment.

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Time to take the kid gloves off and untie the hand frim behind our back. Hate the thought, but sometimes there is no choice.

I doubt they sit down on this, but I bet they’re looking at each other realizing they didn’t expect this kind of response.

President Trump is a wildcard even the Democrats don’t know what he’ll do. As long as he doesn’t use our warriors as a political tool I support him killing bad guys. The world is watching what happens when you target Americans


Look at all the threats Iran is making now. Fine, bring it on.

It’s like a big strong kid in school who is nice to everyone, helps them, buys their lunch for the needy, is captain of the football team, goes to church, and there is some scrawny little kid who every time he walks by the big nice kid, kicks him in the shin or pokes him in the stomach. At some point the big kid is going to slap him back and tell him to quit it. You’ll always have the a handful of the other kids saying “Quit picking on that little kid, you big bully!”

Observation: You notice from the big mob pictures in the streets of Iraq and Iran, not a single woman, not a single one! I think the Democrat woman in America should go over there and protest that. A terrible injustice!

Observation #2: They have the dead guys coffin in an American Made Chevy!

Observation #3 Look at the buildings along the coffin route in the pictures, what a backward 3rd world country.

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