Light weight gun safes


Hello all! I have a pretty unique position but I think it’s a common problem. I’m a designer and know a bit about static loads and such so when I say I don’t have the support I know what I mean. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for light weight gun safes. I don’t want to haul a 900 lb safe up my stairs to install on the second floor nor in the basement and I don’t have the room in the first floor. Not worried about fire protection and wanted something lighter more for thwarting attempts if I have a break in and I’m not home and hopefully, it slows the thieves down enough that my alarm gets the cops there fast enough to catch them. Looking for opinions on makes and models if anyone can help. Thanks!

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I was a locksmith for many years and I can tell you when it comes to safes you get what you pay for.

Sentry makes a great fire “safe” but for security, if you know what you are doing most of them can be broken into in less than a minute.

For a good security safe you can bolt down, Gardall makes a variety of good ones.

There are others out there that are good and bad but you really have to know about how they are constructed to know the difference. Just because it has steel deadbolts does not make it a good safe if the locking mechanism is cheap or not well protected.

If you have something you are looking at, send me a web link I will give you an honest opinion of the product.


It’s according to what kind of safe you’re looking for and what kind of guns you are trying to hide. I have ordered a shelf safe for my wife and my guns for when we have my niece here so they are locked up.

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I totally found it, @Damon but I knew what I was looking for. :smiley:

@Fred how many firearms are you looking to lock up? And are they all handguns or a mixture of handguns and long guns? That will definitely make a difference as to what will work best.


Thank you for the reply! I TOTALLY agree with you about you get what you pay for. I’ve also delved and still am involved with locks myself so kewel! I was thinking of something that in case someone broke into my house it would retard them long enough to be discouraged from taking any of my firearms or keep that at bay long enough until the cops got here from my alarm system. I’m not pipe dreaming or anything. The biggest thing is to have a place for them when I have grandkids around. so they’re locked up. If I had the room or the way to support moving one, I’d just get the Gardall. Good suggestion! Thank you tons!


I would look for an old style upright school locker. You could fit it in a closet if you wanted to and can fortify it and line the inside in a variety of ways. You could easily lag it to wall studs, the floor, a foundation etc.

Depending on what you’re storing, you could run a lag style eye bolt through the back into a stud and run a cable through it and lock your weapons up inside with that, in addition to the lock on the outside.

The possibilities of adding security features to it are endless, and in the end you don’t have something that advertises there are firearms inside a cheaper style safe.

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So are you talking hand guns, long guns or both to keep in this safe?

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