Small Safe

First off, I am aware you get what you pay for. However, I am on a hard budget and limited income.

What are some decent safes that I won’t have to pay much over 100 for? It just needs to be able to fit a handgun, maybe 2 so there’s room for the future but right now all I have is a pocket pistol. I’d be able to bolt it down.

No kids in the house, quick access preferred.


Here are some options just copy and paste the link into your browser

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If this is your only firearm and no children, why the need for a safe? Is this your self defense weapon. If so, it’s either on your body or in the night stand. Does your locale dictate a safe?
Dollars and value and security = Hornady safes.


Sentry has some small fire-rated safes, chests, and the like that are fairly budget friendly. Might be worth a look.

Go to a local gun safe dealer.
Trading up to larger gun safes is fairly common so maybe you can score on a trade in that’s higher quality than your budget allows for new.
Also check Craig’s list.

I own a small Sentry safe that is currently looking for a good home.

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It’s a combination of I can’t always bring it with me, and I know that it’s a good idea to have in case of travel sometimes. Something simple and carryable would be nice.

What kind? I’ll keep it in mind~ Right now just looking around at options/seeing what other people like. Other regular joes tend to give the most realistic reviews :slight_smile:

If you just need to lock it up, for a little piece of mind, you can get a lockable box for < $50. Bulldog, Hornady, Snapsafe, likely a few others you can find on Amazon like this one They come in a variety of sizes, make sure it will fit whatever you need. They usually have a cable you can tie it down to something to prevent someone from just walking away with it. However, the steel is usually pretty thin, the locks are mediocre. I have one for emergency car use if I drive someplace non-permissive I can lock it away in my car for a short time. Unless I really really couldn’t afford it I wouldn’t use for home storage as a house thief will likely have enough time to defeat the cable and or lock.

The “good” handgun safes start a little over $100. The cheapest Vaultek is $140-ish (website here, I think you can also buy elsewhere), Gunvault has several models between $120 and $150 also on amazon. Barska, SentrySafe (I’m sure im forgetting a few) all have entries in this category. But somewhere around $150 you should be able to get a really decent safe, that you can bolt down or tie down, with good steel thickness, reliable locks, and maybe some biometrics if that floats your boat.

When you get into the $200+ range there is Ft Knox (as heavy-duty as the name implies), more Vaulteks, Gunbox (these don’t really look like safes) that offer more bells and whistles and in the case of Ft Knox some really robust steel.

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Small Sentry Fire document safes are great for just that. They are NOT that secure IMO (and yes I own one to protect documents in case of fire) I was a locksmith and worked on/with safes for almost 20 years before changing professions.

Sentry makes a GREAT fire box but there small fire boxes are NOT known for their security features. When it comes to safes you get what you pay for in terms of security.

Granted I was in the profession, but a sentry fire box with a combination dial I can open in less than 30 seconds. I real thief (not a crime of opportunity guy) will know how to do this also.


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The issue I have with small safes is that they can be stolen. Even large safes get stolen!
Bolting them to the floor helps, but if a pry tool can defeat the bolts on a small safe, or a chain around a large safe, well, there it goes!
And if the perp doesn’t take it this time, they’ll know what tools they need next time!

I have a small “safe” for the car but it only satisfies a legal requirement and not what I’d consider real security. In my 'hood they’ll steal the car.
A small safe might be useful for staging, but probably not for longer term storage.

Consider security in layers—locks, lighting, landscaping, dogs & alarms should buy you time, and coupled with a good safe I think that’s the best to be hoped for.

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i been using the RPNB fingerprint scan bought it in amazon so far its been excelent!! $120

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I’m not saying it’s the best option, but I picked up a Liberty HD-90 Key Vault from Cabela’s ($65) for when I have to lock up the firearm or something else in the vehicle. It has a cable to secure it. Again, I wouldn’t consider it the most secure option, but it works for me, and I can take it out and put it in a bag if necessary.


Hi @Meagan1! I have one of the following in both vehicles. It works well in the house also. In recent travels I kept on the car and one bedside.

SnapSafe Combination Lockbox,…

A small cheap lock box may be easy to break into. But it had to be found first, and it’s easy to hide. Maybe hollow out a section of drywall for the small cheap safe, then hangs a picture or mirror over it.