Storing long gun in apartment

So here is my dilemma, live on a second story apartment, and I am close too buying a rifle ( aR 15) but needs suggestions on how to safely lock it up , quick access isn’t important. Have a handgun as a self defense weapon. Being a second floor apartment not keen on dragging a safe up stairs in front of the whole building. For my pistols I have a snapsafe with a wire tied to my bed frame.

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Maybe a modular safe like this if you want to deter most thieves:
You could tell people it is some IKEA furniture.

Or something like the Hornady AR safe if you just want to to stop kids or smash and grabers:!/

Or a simple Stack On locking gun cabinet if you are on a budget. They are cheap and come disassembled.


I have this in my closet bolted to studs. Should be fairly easy to install behind your clothes if you’re not looking for easy access.


Nice suggestion never thought about build able safes, the ones from stack on are affordable and would work perfectly thank you both

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The shot lock is not a bad product and neither is the stack on. I have a Stack On and it’s lite and has room for my AR15 and my other handguns. You can put either in a closet with a lock and behind some clothing.

The stack on was my primary gun “safe” for many years. I still store my practice ammo in it. Just be aware that a person with a good pry bar could get into one in about 30 seconds. Same can be said about pretty much any of the fancy and more expensive quick access safes we have to use if you want something handy but somewhat protected. Unfortunately you have to spend closer to the $1000 range to get decent protection and many of those pricey models are little better than the Stack On. Even the ones that are better can be gotten into by someone with knowledge and a few tools.

The Stack On is sure better than nothing and should deter most kids and smash and grabers from accessing your firearms. But you may be better off putting other valuables you have in a clever hiding place instead of with the guns.

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Do they have a hook on the inside if I wanted to attach a steel cable and run it through the trigger lock?

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Not sure if you are asking about the Stack On locking storage box? They have no hooks. They do have bolt holes so you can screw them into the floor or wall studs. You could screw an eye hook into one of those holes to attach a cable lock to for a little extra protection, if that is what you are getting at.


Is that for a booby trap so the gun will fire if pried open? :wink:

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That shotlock is cool and have thought about it myself. It’s vulnerable to somebody that can pick a lock with that key but like others have said, most safes are vulnerable to some degree.

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I was thinking more about how frustrated a crook would be to spend time prying into a case and then while grabbing the gun and making a run for it it gets yanked out of his hand at the end of the cable. Wouldn’t slow him down much but would be amusing to see.


In addition to the others mentioned above I’d add SecureIt Gun Storage

They are similar to the SnapOn series in that it’s more of a lockable cabinet than a true “safe”. A real safe is super heavy because of all the fire-proofing elements and super thick steel.

These lockable cabinets weigh maybe around 100-150lbs depending on the model and ship to you in pieces so it’s not obvious that the UPS guy just dropped off a safe (that people would know will soon have valuables in it) at your doorstep. You can bolt them to the floor or studs if your apartment allows it (not likely?). Once assembled they are fairly awkward and heavy enough (with your stuff in it) that a burglar is really unlikely to just walk out with it. And the steel is thick enough that it will hold up to any burglar who didn’t bring dedicated safe-breaking tools.

Some variations just hold one or two rifles and can fit vertically in a closet or horizontally under a bed (as examples). Others are a little bigger and can hold more stuff.