Leisure Carry

Wanted to share this piece of equipment I ran into on a TFB TV video featuring Twista… not a joke, this thing is legit and it lets me carry in joggers. Very easy to clip on and go. Not good for working out or anything physical but chill days with sweat pants it works! (Need a good holster though, my holster uses discrete carry clips and adds even more support)


Where you been? I would have to try one before I buy one. :thinking:
Tell them to send me one. :laughing:


Looks like a universal version of NeoMag Alias Beltless System.

A 2024-01-29 20-30-24

Alias requires some modifications for each holster, when Leisure Carry just accepts any holster you like to use. That sounds great !


Yes! I’ve seen the two compared.

I really like it. Id say it’s not perfect, but it’s safe/ works. I have no desire for dealing with putting on the philster enigma and I don’t like belly bands. I did the whole “just wear grown man pants” for awhile but I like to wear comfy clothes sometimes and I think that’s fair :grin:.


I just saw that video. It’s so great to see Twista being so active in the community. I love my leisure carry belt. If you want to try one out you can save with code: jayweth


@Jayweth Welcome to our community we are glad to have you with us. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello and welcome @Jayweth