Last Resort! Only You Can Ensure Your Personal Protection

"Deadly “Jack-in-the-Box” attacks, carried out by Emotionally Disturbed Persons (EDPs) and other Violent Criminal Actors (VCAs), are now common in metropolitan areas, particularly in blue states.

Conventional criminal motives are often absent. Many innocent victims are thus murdered and maimed but neither kidnapped nor robbed of valuables. Victims are typically ordinary, unsuspecting citizens going about their legitimate daily business.

Adhering to classic advice, such as “avoid bad areas,” is increasingly impossible due to the endless flood of (1) illegal immigrants (including ISIS terrorists, who shouldn’t even be here), (2) EDPs (who should be confined to insane asylums), and (3) Repeat VCAs (who should be confined to prisons), all of whom are now out in public, unsupervised in any way, and actively looking for likely victims".

I post this in lieu of our Wonderful Political system we are forced to accept—like a battery acid enema. The ‘DEBATE’ showed us that even a Mumblin’ Stumblin’ nonsensical Geriatric Memory care patient can retain the Highest Office in our land if they have the right (or Left in this case Puppeteer!)
The reason I bring this up is I have been having ‘Difficulty’ dealing with all this crap the last couple of day’s. The debate last night culminated in ‘Food Poising’ like symptom’s I thought I was going to wind up in the Hospital last night.
This ‘Community’ has helped me deal better than if I was alone in all this.
This Forum is about SELF DEFENSE TRUTH! but it’s also about Keeping your MIND RIGHT so you can Be safe, Aware and Protect you and Yours.
MAYBE we should/Could focus on the Mental aspects of this junk as well as the physical.
I know I’m not WEAK (mentally/Physically) Been a Warrior for most of my adult life. But damn times are getting ‘Interesting’ and the OVERLOAD got to me last night.
I’m fine now—residual effects of NOT sleeping for over (24) hours notwithstanding, losing Quarts of fluids in a painful way (trying to be delicate here). I asked a good friend on here ‘What should I do?’ Basically my mantra has been 'Suck it up Buttercup" Or the wonderful ‘Embrace the Suck!’ A favorite tee shirt I’ve ordered (3) times from Amazon because wearing and hard use has made them shop rags pretty fast.
Lastly, I don’t mind admitting I’m not the same Balls to the Wall, Take no prisoners kind of guy I was in my 20’s and 30’s. I think heavily on What If’s now because a prepared mind leads to a Healthy Life. This Article sung to me because the Standards of Self Protection have changed because Societies ‘BOUNDRIES HAVE MOVED’. I’ve said before here most of my Fighting Friends has passed, Locally there isn’t a great deal of Friends available. Last year I had Card playing friends, My General and my best friend. My best friend moved to TX and has mentally given up–his family had a gathering of family to say good bye–when someone wishes to GO HOME they will achieve it (Rapidly). My General is Off Limits due to an Overprotective Daughter
who was never in his life and now wants the Ranch, Shooting Range, Bank accounts and Hunting Acreage…nice. I say this not to burden you or ask for pity but to just know NO ONE IS IMMUNE to Frailties of Life when it has gotten so bizarre ‘out there’ that sometimes you need a
I make the first move here and say ‘If you are feeling a little lost or overwhelmed’ maybe we can support each other and help whoever’s down not feel so alone.
I’m NOT DEAR ABBY but I’ve been there done that for my Brothers in the Field before and maybe it’s time we re there for each other again?. Being the Rock in the River is exhausting.
If I am out of line here I will pull the plug on this topic asap. What say you?


Hell, brother if it weren’t for you, I sure would have gone off the rails.
As far as my family, I’m still off the rails, but that’s love!
The rides not over yet. I think there’s still a storm brewing.
Coming here, listening, learning and spouting off about all we see and hear, keeps us mentally fit and prepared!
I’m in it for the long haul. I have a great granddaughter due any day now!
It’s a moral imperative that she learn her shooting skills from me!
I don’t know how, but I will be there for the first round!


I am here for you and with you brother warrior. I feel exactly the same way you do.

When you have seen, up close, what people can do to each other over pure ideology, it is impossible to ignore the symptoms of the same pathology here at home.

As such, it will deeply affect how you perceive the future. It is like anticipation of a nightmare that you have had and know will happen again. Only now we are older, more injured, and far less able to deal with it.

Simply put, we are too old for this business but can’t avoid it. We also can’t avoid our duty or our oath.

So, as Churchill said, we must brace ourselves to our duties. If only it did not hurt so much.

God bless and protect us all.


Same. Same. Brothers. :saluting_face: :saluting_face: :saluting_face:

Still buying ammo and mags, If not for me then the next generation of fighters. :crossed_fingers: :crossed_swords:


I agree with your ideas and statements. Maybe that is why at 79 years old I started the process to get my CCW and fight the system in California all the way. Even with a sympathetic sheriff, he has to tolerate the system of gruesome newsom and his off the rail cronies in the state house. Thankfully, my son is extremely well versed in handling and safety which he has passed on the the grands. I fear what they may face if we give up the fight.


Thank you Brothers and Sisters,
I didn’t know the response these would get (but I was hopeful).
Lately, I tend not to be hopeful, just resilient—there in lies the internal tiredness
I feel lately. As I said this Forum, YOU FOLK’S have been a Blessing.
Please watch this—sent to me by my Sister last night as I hobbled around in the rain
wind and dust devil’s. It made my night(bring some tissues) :us: :us: :us: :us: :us: :us:

Where We Go 1 We Go All


You helped me when I was in a dark place my brother. I made myself take a step back and assess things. I was watching too much news. I was here too much. I had convinced myself that my country is beyond saving because of what I was taking in. Family is tougher and it’s hard dealing with when core beliefs and values you possess differ greatly from loved ones.

Looking at it from a distance made me realize that if I continued taking everything to heart that I would grind myself to pieces.

Ask yourself what can I change? What can I not change?

I answer those 2 things and do my best to make a positive difference now. But I do not let things I cannot change tear me apart.

I wish you peace Don102


things like this need to be shared and todays kids need to be taught this then maybe they will why we are willing to fight to save the flag and our country


Times are trying that’s for sure…us old and better trained for what’s coming individuals need to stick together like glue.The clueless among us are many…when it gets bad and these mag dump chumps are in the poop, let them make fun of all of us murdering vets…We will have the last laugh.


Thanks for your service.


@Don102 thank you for your post. I know the feeling well. Physically I am in no shape to contribute anything. I manage to feel a little better when I wake up at home, can get out of bed myself and start the day by writing down the biggest blessing of the day gone by. As the day goes on hear news saturated with politics or the resulting violence and stupid justice system letting people out who just go on to do more harm. If not politics, it’s all about pride month, this month or some other new really important holiday the politicians dream up to pander to one group or another in the name of dollars and votes. I find I just want to retreat to the days gone by when the world was a happier place and there were just plain Americans… whatever ethnicity, religion whatever… and when someone messed with us we got together and took it head on as a country, not a special interest group. Best stop, this could go on longer.


I feel the same way Brother.
I’ve been talking to some folk’s here and there’s more ‘Common Ground’ here
than people give this site/Forum credit for. Yes, there’s an ample amount of
Trollage here lately. But that just seems to bring more unity to the group. (I may be FOS, but that’s how I feel). :joy_cat:
Times are tough, I could go on forever myself (and usually do) :laughing: But you people tolerate me and that’s a blessing. I said this before, We may never meet but that doesn’t mean we are not Brother’s and Sisters to each other. HAM radio operators and others never meet but they can be a tight bunch.
My Brother’s wanted to stay in touch when we got out of Hell, but the Fit hit the Shan so fast (and so bad) it caused a Rift in communication I don’t feel it will ever heal. I don’t blame anyone, I GET IT. But it’s difficult truly commiserate w/ someone who wasn’t there.
I mean Career soldiers were destroyed, Big tough Delta’s suffered horrible grief, I was almost an outsider. Not a Ranger, Delta, SF. But my sterling Personality and Rapier Wit broke though those Hombre’s and I was ‘Let in’ to their Inner Circle. (Nobody was more surprised than me Tom).
HERE I can say what I’m feeling. YOU people get it. I just hope that we all can (if need be)
If in trouble, happy, sad, thinking about Jumping reach out. This is a tough world why go it alone?

mi tres centavos


Thank you brother!


Goose bumps and glassy eyes dude.

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While there are clearly dangerous things going on in the world and information and knowledge like we can gather here and other places is very important, I also think it is important to not get too focused on the negative all the time.

Bad crap has been happening throughout history and will continue to happen long after we are gone. But the vast majority of time between all the crap is ours to make of it what we will.

The vast majority of us made it safely about our day yesterday and will likely make it safely through our day tomorrow. It doesn’t make sense to spend the majority of today worrying about bad events that may or most likely will not happen tomorrow. If we spend a small portion of our day or week preparing for the bad times then we should be resting easy and enjoying the good times while we can. If and when those crappy days come along the free moments to enjoy the good times might become few and far between.

I know I am guilty of getting too caught up in pondering the threats at times. I try to limit my thinking, training and preparing for the bad times to less than 10% of the day. The rest the day when I’m not busy working I try to fill with pleasant distractions like family time, sports, TV time, a peaceful hike in the forest etc. Those moments are too precious to not enjoy them when and while we can.

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This is accurate (to a point brother). I AM LIVING RIGHT NOW IN THE MOMENT. Ever since (1993)
EVERY DAY there after has been a BONUS. I AM BLESSED and GRATEFUL EVERYDAY to be on this side of the grass.
BUT, Today! We have a Cancerous Geriatric patient in the WH, He has terrible Socialistic idea’s about the future of America (and the World). His Handlers and Money backer’s want a Disarmed Population,
They want a compliant country of drones. (Need I go on?)
OK, I will. WE face Terrorism daily, Invasionary Forces have been LET IN and are ready to strike any day.
Sham, this ISN’T after WW2 and the World knew peace. The big Bad Dog (60’s term) is in our yard.
Weaponized Alphabit’s Killing Innocents, Political Persecution is on going. A Major Prosecutorial event against a rival Politician is Still happening. I will stop now. Besides that OPEN BORDER that let in Enemy forces , He/They have done their best to Destroy us. Do you wanna go down to the Shake Shack and have a Malted now? Everything’s Fine! HARD NO!
If ONE person gets this everyday, that may be another Innocent saved, Another Gunner, Newbie, Warrior that Train’s and Arm’s up!
We have been given a GIFT of time to Train up against prolly one of the biggest fights for FREEDOM this Country has ever seen. This is going to be BIBLICAL! (I understand people grow weary being on alert all the time but as Sam Elliott said in Roadhouse “I’ll get all the rest when I’m dead!”
This isn’t a time to rest. Lives, Innocent Lives are at stake.
This isn’t some conjured up THREAT to sell more guns, ammo etc.
(Sprinkle a few MILLION Migrant soldiers, Cartel Hit Squads, Muslim Extremists (who have their own plans for on Allah and only Allah World))…
You know? You’re right. I shouldn’t have to worry, I should just sit back and enjoy my Mint Julip.
As Alfred E Newman always said “What me Worry?”

(and every Gunner and Gunnette on this forum, Every Veteran (20+ Million) should know we are all going to have to Pony up and get some skin in the game (for some–AGAIN!)

When the phuckin’ dust settles and we bury our fallen and we push all the MF’er’s into long and deep slit trenches THEN I will rest easy. For all my people here who have Son’s daughter’s, Grand and Great Grandkids that can breath FREEDOM once again then, I will rest. And if I fall, it will not be from sitting in my rocking chair Whittlin’ N Whistlin’ the day away.
Sorry, But compliancy isn’t in my Vocabulary.

WE HAVE A FIGHT COMING, Most know it. It’s going to get ugly for a spell. But I am phuckin’ ready

No step on my Snek, I’ll step on your Throat.


You have way more experience with this topic than I do but my understanding is that even for soldiers stuck in the middle of a war it’s important to take the moments to give your mind and body a break from the tension whenever you get the chance. Otherwise you can grind them both into the ground and start risking random failures. I haven’t been on the battle field but I have experienced pushing my mind and body past their limits and having to deal with the consequences.

The real enemies to our freedom can gain a whole lot of benefit by dividing us and forcing us past our breaking points. I see them succeeding at this perfectly right now. They want to force others to take the first shot. Then they will have the license to respond as they truly want to.

Peaceful non compliance is the much smarter opening move in this struggle. Authoritarians understand and have plans for dealing with violence. What they can’t handle is when the majority of people they seek to control stand together and refuse to follow where they are trying to force us to go. It is imperative that the majority in this country see who the true threats are. The only way to do that is to frustrate them so much that they have no choice but to make the first move. Then everyone will see them for who they are instead of the saviors they will paint themselves as if someone else makes the first move.

Once they have revealed themselves for who they truly are and have shown themselves to be the enemy of all the people, not just some of the people, then there will be nowhere left for them to hide and no one else to do their fighting for them.

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And back to my original point. Maybe things all fall apart tomorrow. I’ve been thinking they could easily do that for the past 20 years or so. But more likely this is going to continue to be stretched out for years or even decades more.

Those in control are still profiting from the status quo and will likely want to continue to do for as long as they can. Unless they are presented with an early opportunity to move things up to the next level.

So we might as well enjoy the peaceful moments while we can so our minds and bodies can be rested and ready for whatever lies ahead.


It has only been the last four years, in which a coup of the political system of our Country has been successfully implemented. Now the radicals are trying to maintain their stranglehold on power through a complete election cycle. If this occurs, the takeover is complete. They will not be thwarted by taking relaxing walks in the woods.


Nor will they be thwarted by putting any of the Democrat or Republican options in the White House for 4 more years of massive deficit spending and continuing erosions of our rights.

As long as the majority of voters in this country believe that one of those two parties has the answers and isn’t solely out to enrich themselves and their backers then there isn’t much any of us can do. Eventually they will succeed in running this country into the ground far enough that everyone will have no choice but to wake up to reality. Then those of us lucky enough to be left standing will hopefully get a chance to pick up the pieces and try to start all over again.

Until then I am going to take care of myself and my family the best I can.

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