Armed Defender Ends Attack on the Road


Draw and be prepared for further confrontation and be prepared to take down!


That truely show that being calm and shot placement is critical in a confrontation and since the advent of easy buying body armor is easy the target site for me is HEAD,NECK,GROIN,those are assured TAKE DOWN and bleed out


I hate playing Monday-morning quarterback after an event like this, but I’m going to.

  1. Hitchhikers. Don’t pick them up. OK, I’ll admit that I’ve done it, and I’m a sucker for a woman that asks for a ride, regardless of whether she looks like someone’s daughter or someone’s grandmother. But I’ve never, ever offered a ride to a stranger when my child is in the vehicle.

  2. Speaking of children and strangers, maybe drop off the stranger first before dropping off your wife and child at home. Now the stranger knows where you live, and as it turns out, maybe so does the stalker who was following the stranger.

  3. As we’ve said many times before, if you’re in an ongoing vehicle altercation and you have any choice at all, don’t stop. Use the accelerator, brake, and steering wheel to evade your attacker. Call 911 as soon as it’s safe, but don’t stop, and for crying out loud, don’t exit the vehicle unless you have no other choice. You can fix car damage or replace a totaled car; you can’t replace dead people.


I’m glad that he was not injured during this incident while being a good Samaritan. You definitely have to be cautious about picking people up, these days.


In NC it’s illegal in some instances. Not only that, but the truth is, you don’t know who you’re picking up! You don’t know where they’ve been or what they may have been involved with prior, or what their real motivations are. And by us picking them up we take on all of that responsibility and liability and still not know whether they have nefarious intentions towards us! Too many ifs and maybe’s and I don’t knows involved here. And sometimes our gut intentions can land us in some deep Kimchi. Thankfully, the defender and passenger were alright, but man, this could have gone some kinda badly.

Personally, I think I would have been in a pickle, because there is no way that my wife would have allowed me to drop her off at home first and then tend to this other lady. Thankfully, she lived nearby, but it just would not have happened, no need in me pretending that it would have gone as smoothly as that either.

Thanks for the post and the resource. I will start checking them out more. This was a lucky situation for the defender though.