Laser target training question

Hello! If this doesnt go here my apologies I have no clue where to ask this.

I just ordered a SiRT 20 Pro training pistol from the USCCA shop. I was wondering if it be compatible with a laser target training setup. If so can anyone recommend a setup that wont break the bank?
If it isnt compatible with laser training, can I get a recommendation of a decent setup?

I was going to train with the laser system targets around the house, by going through clearing drills or just basic dry fire drills. I seen a few videos on laser training and it looks like a good way to train without needing to buy a ton of ammo. Even though I understand it doesnt simulate the feel of an actual firearm.

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Every SIRT firearm is compatible with laser targets software.

There are a lot of systems you can use. Check these threads, where we have already discussed this:

I personally have been using LASRX.

I’ve just checked LASRX website… their prices are ridiculous right now… I bought mine for $120, two years ago.
You need to look for something around $100. No reason to spend more.


@Jonathan30 I was just going to suggest about your laser setup, but Jerzy “beat to me to the draw”, he’s quick! But yes, Jerzy has some information there, check it out, do whatever to get your training.

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There is compatibility and there are glitches. I have found some apps do not allow me to speed shoot at the targets. Meaning there are some apps that have problems reporting shots accurately.

With the LASRX membership plan, is that just a membership or do I get to download the software? Or do I have to buy something from their store page?

Also, I would like to thank everyone who has replied!

That I don’t know.
I bought the software once without any plan and subscription.

I’m guessing you can buy just software form other manufacturer for about $100 and use it forever.
What you need is PC with camera or mobile device.

It is a yearly membership, and you will have to download it from their site.
It has drills and competition on it that will be good training as well as, being fun!

As for me I dont use an app in my training I dont use any special training laser weapon,all my pistols are training pistols,I train with what i am carrying, I use laser snap caps and for point training I use the on demand laser that is on all my rifles and pistols and also I have 2 laser targets,one is just a single bulls eye target and the other is timed targets on all four corners wit a non timed in the middle,I mostly train point shooting with my on demand laser,mostly drawing from a shoulder holster,I wear western style clothing with snaps,and rip the snaps open with left hand and draw with right hand and point shooting in as timed 1.5 seconds with double tap.Some times I practice siting in chairs/recliner,some time on floor and use ankle holster,I practice th what scenario and continuously use and train my motor memory and it is aromatic and that is what you want in a confrontation,you just do it and remember later,that you drew you weapon automatically with a thought,and I do know it works because I had an actual confrontation,and did not remember drawing until the confrontation was over,fortunately the person on the 3rd stop and the laser on his nose he realized i was serious and he left,but spent 3 months going to court over it ,the DA charged me with Brandishing and USCCA defended me and was ruled SD and all rights restored,Since I got out of the Military I have self trained what the unit i was in trained how to survive under adverse conditions

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