Training tools. What do you prefer and when?

What do people like to use for training tools? Special targets? Interactive with smart phone? One on one instruction?

Boxes of ammo and whatever targets are around, clay targets laid out are nice, soda bottles, whatever.

Practice will all kinds if things.

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Simunitions and different scenarios in the shoot house are my personal favorite. They run the weapon without any modifications and they hurt. Good times for sure.

Reactive targets, and dueling posts.

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A good training class is priceless (if you’re teachable) they’ll give you tools to take to the range so you can continue to grow your skills.

just got a SIRT-type laser pistol - this is not only good training, improving my trigger control, but it’s FUN. and because ammo is free, and quiet, and I can practice anywhere in my house, I practice more. i’ts pretty rewarding to see my skills improving immediately. And I’m adding a laser/camera trainer software package, so that should be an accelerator for my learning as well.
plus, it’s FUN. :smiley:
and in case I didn’t mention it… FUN!


Zee, what model of laser/camera and software are you using and how do you like it? I have a SIRT and am interested in doing what you are.


If it is a SIRT pistol that @Zee is using, be sure to check your USCCA Member Dashboard for member-only Discounts, @89badger!


@89badger can’t say how all of this is working yet… I’ll be setting up on Friday morning to try out the LASR app (need to set up a space to work in and I’ll do that on Fri). That said, here’s what I’m running with:

the LASRX app that runs on my android phone using my phone’s camera - this will work with the red laser (won’t work with IR). Got the tripod and the phone holder that mounts to it. There are several options, including a dedicated IR camera (for which you need an IR laser) and a regular camera (for the red laser). I’ll let you know how I like using the phone-camera / phone app. I did a quick setup on the app itself and it seems very easy to use. When you buy a license for the app, it attaches to a single device (in my case, my phone) so you can’t use the same license on both your phone and a camera attached to your PC, but you can easily swap the license from one device to the other - not hard, worked perfectly, but takes a couple of minutes so I wouldn’t plan to use it that way (swapping back and forth)

Got this LaserLyte Laser Training Pistol which is not an actual SIRT, but a SIRT-type. has a trigger that turns on a red laser when pulled, so you’ll record the shot only.

I like it quite a lot for dry fire practice, but won’t know how I like it with the LSARX app until friday. it feels very like the Glock 19 it emulates, grip size and balance is very similar. laser strike-point is adjustable so you can “sight” it in. I’ve been doing some low-light practice with it - first thing in the morning before I even get out of bed I put some “shots” on the target across the room. It’s the best way I can think of to emulate what happens if you’re awakened and have to deal with a threat that’s entered your house while you’re sleeping.

Got a CheapShot tactical training target:

I bought just one, since they aren’t cheap and I wanted to try it before I popped for more of them. when the red laser hits the red area, you’ll see it illuminate the red reflector, even in full light conditions, but you have to hit the white dot in the middle to get it to flash the interior LEDs. I can very easily tell when I’m hitting “close” (red’s about 2.5" across) but you have to hit the less than 0.5" button to get the full flash.
I will be buying several more of these.

Probably going to get a couple of these as well because with the rotation they have a timing factor:

you can get them with the laser pistol as a set:

Looking at possibly getting something like this for my grandaughter, she is a lot smaller person than I am and will need something with a smaller grip, so this would serve for whatever we end up getting her, including possibly a revolver:

I decided against one like this because the reviews were very mixed:

If you’re interested in the official SIRT - which has additional features like a green laser that illuminates the target and then a red that shows your shot (optionally turned on or off) - and if you’re a USCCA member, there’s a 15% discount (see your member dashboard, Members-Only Discounts on the menu). I may end up getting one (between $240 and $450 before the discount) at some point, but for right now, the one I have will definitely let me improve my skills.

I’ll report back on Friday :slight_smile:


Hi, my name is Dennis. I have a question about lasers. I found a Viridian Reactor 5, green laser. This particular item fits my S&W M&P Shield 40. I have zero experience when it comes to lasers. Does anyone have any thoughts about lasers mounted on handguns? I might add that I have a handheld tactical light for low visibility. I haven’t purchased the laser just yet, but I am excited in the thought that it might help in improving my accuracy. I do feel like nothing should replace the use of my front sights. Thanks for any insight into this subject

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@Zee - So, how do you like LASRX? I use the original PC-based version, LASR, and I LOVE it. As another Member on another thread said, dry fire training doesn’t train recoil management, but LASR and a SIRT (my setup) trains everything else!!! :smile:

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Liking it :grin:
Im at work now, but I’ll take some pictures tonight and post some details… I’ve been meaning to do that!

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