Sirt pistol in home training

Has anyone tried the Sirt pistol with laser train?
I’m seriously considering it to keep up some sort of range time even during inclement weather. I do have my own handgun range, but my Australian Shepherd does not approve. And he refuses hearing protection.
I see they’re available in a Glock and S&W style. I guess this would still benefit even though I carry Beretta 92fs, Canik TP9 variant, Sig M17, and CZ 75? I’ll train with one of these and begin to carry that one for a while.
I do have a Glock 22, but I don’t carry it.

Yeap, me. Didn’t like it. Real handgun with laser cartridge is way better and more realistic for training.

Here you have old threads where we discussed about laser training:


I use the Mantis x system it work Great



I have two SIRT pistols, the full size 110 and the compact version. I use my SIRT pistols for training drills with clients before we start putting rounds down range. These are great tools for individual practice as well. I have not used the laser train but I have the LASRAPP I like this and it gives me the chance to vary my shooting courses. If you use the code “RecShed” you get a discount on the software. I have used the software for a couple of years and love it. it does not replace live fire but I do more dryfire than live fire.


I use iTarget Pro at home to save money on practice ammo. I practice at home daily from 5, 10, and 15 feet. It uses an app and your smartphone camera with a target setup. A laser bullet for your caliber gun comes with it.

Anyone interested check it out on YouTube:


I am using the SIRT 107 with the USCCA eLearning and recommend them. I had previously used a laser cartridge and the G-sight app. What I like about the SIRT is that I get the striker fire trigger pull without needing to rack the slide between shots. This allows me to work on speeding up my reps and include the appropriate trigger reset mechanics.

I have found the eLearning to be more helpful than I had anticipated. Using the grip and trigger pull instruction and drills I have noticed much reduced streaking of the laser during practice. I eagerly anticipate getting to the range when they re-open to see how much of this transfers to live fire.

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Gary. Look at the It is a shot recorder and you can design you own course and compete with shooters if you want. I use the Sirt and the app all the time. The SIRT pistol is a great training tool. Use the code RecShed and get a discount on the software.

Whoever uses or would like to use LASRx app should visit this link:

Jeff, Thanks for the recommendation. Too rich for my blood though. I also find them sleazy in that they advertise $120 for LASRX but the minimum price is really $160 because they require an minimum upcharge of $40.

LASRx Software with free PDF targets costs $108 (with coupon). There is no other charges.
Once you pay this amount you will receive access to download software (PC) or app (phone/tablet).

Of course you will need at least laser cartridge, but every shooting app needs it.
I’m wondering where have you found $40 upcharge?

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Jerzy, It was my mistake. When I selected the Shop menu it offered me many products among which was “L.A.S.R.: Laser Activated Shot Reporter” from $9 and “LASR X Upgraded” for $120. I knew $9 was not right so I placed LASR X Upgraded in my basket, at which point is only gave options for multiple devices at increasing up charges. If you select L.A.S.R.: Laser Activated Shot Reporter it gives you the $120 single device option. I apologize for my comment.

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No worries… I just didn’t want you to pay more than was required…if you wanted this app of course :wink:

Anyway, great app for this price range. And if you check the link I provided you will find some fun stuff as well.

I got the software years ago and did buy a couple of the add ons. I have not paid a penny more for all the updates and customer support while I was learning the system. From an instructor stand point the add on of diagnostics was well worth the price ten fold over in helping shooters see how their hands can move during the trigger cycle. But I also understand it may not be for everyone.

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Thanks for sharing.

Thank you.

I can really appreciate you for posting an apology.

You are awesome and I’m thankful to be part of this organization with you.

Hi Jerzy, have you or does anyone in the forum use the .40 cal in their own guns? I have a Glock 27 and 22 and was wondering if they were satisfied with the performance?

Nope, I don’t. I shoot 22 and 9 only.

Hey @Ed134. I had a Glock 22 gen 4 in .40 S&W.
I had 357 Sig barrels for it too. The 357 Sig was fun until the ammo price went through the roof and then disappeared from the shelves. The .40 does fine, but frankly I found I really didn’t want more carrying calibers than 9mm and .45 ACP.
I do have other calibers, but not for carrying.
I habitually carry a Kimber Micro 9. I know it’s a little punchy because of its size, but I find it handles easily. If you try a .40, and it fits and functions for you, it’s a fine round. Run it.
My situation was one of keeping with calibers I have the most ammo on hand and supplies on hand for reloading. I had to think hard before I let the Glock go, but things are a little weird right now. If you CAN readily find ammo, the .40 may be fewer in stock with less choices in type and weight. Nothing wrong with .40.

Thank you sir!