A training gun that doesn't require a background check

Nothing can replace live fire training, but there are a lot of times when getting to the range doesn’t fit in our schedules or budgets. Dryfire training is a great option. And another great training option is using a SIRT pistol.

If you’re new to the firearms lifestyle you may be asking what the heck is a SIRT pistol?

BTW - you can see an OLD video featuring Tim talking about SIRT training guns here: https://www.usconcealedcarry.com/blog/sirt-pistol-great-dry-fire-training/

Do you own or train with a SIRT pistol?


I own several of them. I train with them personally and use them when training others. I find them to be a great tool that allows me to interactively train people in things that you generally can’t do in small home settings (force on force scenarios being a great example).

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I tried to use SIRT for my training but gave up after one day of usage (actually I packed it and sent back the same day).
SIRT supposed to be the same weight as real pistol, but it wasn’t (M&P 2.0 model).
It didn’t give option to train and memorize reloads (fixed slide).
Way better option (not huge price difference) was hammer pistol and laser cartridge.
I’ve been using this for few months and I’ve been so comfortable with this pistol that it has begun my EDC firearm since then.

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Yep, bought one in Louisville a couple years back at some crazy gathering… :wink:

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