LASR Training system

Does anyone use the LASR Training system and if so how do you like it?


We all like it…
here is the prove:

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I have had it for about a year now and I love it. You can just play with it and it will not be nothing more than a toy but, if you actually train with it, it will improve your shooting. I have tightened up my trigger control, my grip, and getting a sight picture with multiple targets. I get to practice drawing and shooting which isn’t allowed at the indoor range. I have all sorts of drills that I practice and they offer drills on line that other shooters have posted. I print out targets off my printer and have a go at it. Defiantly has been worth it for me.

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We use both the LASR system and the smokeless range software for both training and just having fun.

This is exactly what I needed to hear. :slight_smile:

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I had the LASR system and had nothing but problems. Ended up sending it back. It says that it works on any target and the targets I had where too dark, so I ordered cardboard targets that didn’t work. Also I used my firearm (since I use a Walther PPQ) and the “bullet” would no longer fire after about a total of 50 shots.

I’m sorry to hear that @Robert44 .
Actually LASR is great software…and I mean SOFTWARE.
All the problems come not from LASR, but from camera settings and laser cartridge. There is no perfect solution, there is always something that needs adjustment.

You can try other solutions very similar to LASR. Hopefully these will work better for you.

I use the SIRT Laser gun. I can practice without the HARDWARE!