Do you dry fire?

Exactly so. Welcome to the group @AntonioA!

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This is good practice. There are some that will time your shots… have you seen these? Not cheap but they look like they’d work well

LaserLyte laser trainer UNIVERSAL and QUICK TYME target DRY FIRE sound activated LASER fits 380 ACP 9 MM 40 SW 45 ACP TARGET has 62 LEDs that light up with a SHOT TIMER records shooting on target

LaserLyte Trainer Target Score Tyme with Point of Impact Display, Timed Games and Bigger Target


Way cool. I have heard about these, looks like a great tool. I would rather spend money on ammo though and shoot at the indoor range close to me. $247.81 is pretty steep. I can buy 1000 rounds of ammo under $180 dollars for my 9mm Glocks. In the long run if you use it enough, it would pay for itself. . . Cool gadget though.

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Also, look at these @AntonioA… this lets you dry fire your firearm without having to rack between “shots”. I have these for my Glock .45 and 9mm, they work great!

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Mine are Laserlyte too had them when they first came out, they dont have the sound or digital read outs,and not as expensive I thin k I paid in the neighborhood of $60.00 each for them,the ones I have keeps me up to par in the motor memory functions.
AntonioA, I load my own ammo,so yes I do go to the range to practice shot placement,but I have yet to see a public range that will allow you to practice different defensive moves. I use the laser targets fo motor memory moves that occur with out hesitation,but as the saying goes each to their own.
And yes on another note every thing did go into slow motion as others have said about their confrontation. I kept the woman and dog in my perifical vision as I was was watching his eyes for the tell sign, and when i lit him up with the laser i did notice that my weapon was steady and I was not the least bit nervous or had an adrenaline rush, so the years of training did pay off in my first confrontation,just glad he did not take to the next step.

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Sounds like you did it right. And very glad he didn’t.

I am glad he did the right thing too,but all the years of training did really pay off, and if it happens again i know that the training will work for me again., But all the training in the world you do you never know how you will react until you are put in that situation and have to act, I do know that you should train as much as you can.

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just glad he did not take to the next step.

Sounds like you did it right. And very glad he didn’t.

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@AntonioA :ok_hand:
I’ve watched this video several times already. This would be great prerequisite before taking any handgun classes :slightly_smiling_face:

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WOW Layton, your another CCW carrier that stopped violence without firing a shot ! Thats great that the training with your laser bullet and other training you do paid off. Great job using your laser light on your gun to stop the threat, your a positive CCW holder for the 2A community but I hope you don’t have to go through another threat again. Thank you for sharing your experience.

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Thank you for the accolades Walter3 The training I have done over the years proved to be what I wanted,and no I did not want to fire,just for him to cease and desist his aggressive actions,and the 3rd stop order I gave was the last one I was going to give and it was entirely up to him as to what his actions would cause. Al I knew is that he was going to stop one way or another! After it was over was when I realized that I did not remember drawing my weapon until it was in the low ready at the second announcement of stop.It is kind of strange that you can train for years and you never really know how you will actually do until it happens and it turns out that every thing occurred as I had trained for.automatically and I was fully alert with no tunnel vision and was aware of my surroundings. The years of training really paid off,and all i can say is train as if your life depends on it as it does.

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Walter3 - I am researching dry firing laser systems in order to practice while at home, as the closest range to me frequently has 90-minute wait times, no reservations and they limit you to a maximum of :30 of shooting time. I just need to find the best system for my needs and your post helps. Thanks a bunch!

Welcome to the Community, @Cali-Kid.

Check out these systems and choose what seems to fit you best:

Strikeman available by the end of November.

To be honest… all these work almost the same way…

So, as a newbie to dry fire laser training systems, is there one or two TOP systems that are recommended, as there are much too many choices to narrow it down from. Including plusses and minuses of each system would be helpful, as I am researching these for the very first time and I don’t know what I don’t know.

Lastly, I don’t see the Mantis system listed. Thoughts on this system too?

Thank you in advance.

the 5 systems listed by me work the same way:

  • you load “laser cartridge” into the chamber of your pistol (or you can use SIRT - which is laser only pistol replica)
  • you shoot at the target / targets and camera registers shot placements and time
  • you have audible feedback from the software (which is nice to hear when you hit the target)
  • software can give you drill options to simulate different scenarios

So basically these are “home ranges” without live ammunition.

Mantis works differently - it is device attached to your firearm which registers and analyzes shots based on firearm movement.

TOP recommended system? Impossible to tell. You have to choose whatever fits YOU best . I can tell LASR is the best, because I’m using it… but will it work for others?

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@Jerzy - thank you much for the detailed update, as this is all new for me.

I have also been told to look at “Mantis” as another option.

It appears more research is needed on my end.

Thanks again!

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@Cali-Kid. If you like to analyzing things… Mantis may be a good option… but if you are looking for a practice and training option - laser system give you best feedback for your actions.

It is either this from Mantis:

or this form LASR:

Looking at the second screen I can tell what I’m doing good or bad. I just see “HIT” or “MISSED”.
I don’t need to analyze if my draw stroke is perfect or not. I need to know if I hit the target in center mass on time.

Jerzy, I am definitely wishing for practice and training over analyzation. So, this makes it easy for me to basically eliminate Mantis, as it may not be the best for me (and my wife is BRAND new to gun handling/shooting/ownership.

Again, quite helpful.

Thanks again!

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I’m glad to help. :v:
For a BRAND new shooters I’d recommend Laser System over Mantis for sure.
You will appreciate it once you start dry firing and practice the drills shown by the Instructors at classes. Once you know what to do, you can train at home the same way as at the range. Sometimes even more - you can draw from the holster, engage multiple targets, shoot while moving… all the fun stuff you cannot do at the range.

My wife - VERY brand new. Me, not-so-much.

Hell, just a month ago was her very first time even touching any firearm; and three wks. ago she finally shot for the very first time. So, I am hoping she takes to practicing to hone her skills.

I am sold on a Laser System for the obvious reasons.

Again - quite helpful! Thanks again Jerzy.

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Go slowly with firearms. Take few classes to be comfortable with the firearm. Observe Instructor, remember all drills he will show. Then you can copy everything at home. Simple and less expensive.

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