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My husband and I bought the iTarget laser set and we have been using it to practice our shooting. It is kind of a kick to shoot in the house. What is nice about it is that it tracks your shots and you can really see the pattern of where you tend to pull or where your eye is off. It helps with focus on the shot rather than getting distracted with the anticipation of the recoil and that has been helpful to me. I have not been a gun owner for that long and I am finding that this is quite helpful. Just wanted to put that out there for anyone else who might have not heard about it.

We well and stay well to everyone out there!


The iTarget Pro really helped me. It helped me more than anything else I did to get rid of that low, left shooting.

I printed out an Imperial Princess Leia target and filled her full of holes, all without blasting holes in the barracks walls. Because there’s hard vacuum out there.

May be shooting the bad Princess a good deal more coming up. Our evil Governor is angling for a Biden appointment, so she’s locking us down again. Unfortunately for her, Darth Biden will never be President.

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I bought a pink rhino laser ( I think thats what it’s called)… I have improved at the range significantly as a result. I also bought a target that lights up if you hit your target. While I recommend the laser, the target is really unnecessary for handguns…you see what you hit with the laser. So please don’t waste funds on one of those unless you are practicing longer distance shots.


The iTarget app is free and I bought a laser from eBay for 32.00. built a crude cradle for the phone and have been blasting away for about a year with this setup. Holster to on target shots are improved for sure. Worth the investment. My son and I partnered up on the cost of a MantisX and that thing is amazing/frustrating to train with. @Elizabeth17 I’m sure you’ll see improvement in your live fire.

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Pink Rhino Laser - my best investment for practice so far (plus LASR app)


I didn’t know the pink rhino was marketed by MantisX. Quality outfit. I don’t find “LASR” app in my search. Is it dedicated to Pink Rhino Laser?

Pink Rhino is just laser cartridge you load into the chamber. It works with any laser targeting system which accepts RED laser beam.
It is not dedicated, but for me it is the best and most durable laser cartridge I’ve been using so far.

Check these threads, you will find all info needed:


Thanks for the input. It all helps since I am relatively new to shooting. I think my husband should have been a sniper he got so good so quickly, but I am happy to say that if anyone is foolish enough to coming into our home, they will be so sorry!

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