Las Vegas NV - PFC Rifle & Carbine Fundamentals

I think there are some Vegas people here and maybe nearby folks from CA and AZ. I took a Rifle & Carbine Fundamentals class from PFC Training yesterday and it was really good. As much reading, YouTube, and range practice I’ve had, it was still very useful and I enjoyed the training very much. There’s still nothing like having a live training event and also just the opportunity to have fun and get dirty. Having an instructor calling for you to shoot versus doing it at your pace is more challenging and good. I highly recommend this group.

They have a variety of other classes and in fall they’re going to cover some progressive rifle and carbine classes. PFC currently has pistol training as well. If you’re in the area and want some training, I’d strongly recommend this group.

PFC does some great classes, from what I’ve heard. I want to take their pistol red dot class next time they hold it. It think there was one today.

Their EP repeated classes seem great, as well.