Took Another Gun Class

It has been a while since I took a formal gun class, I try to take at least one a year, but, with the 'Rona, and ammo shortage…

I took the half day “Draw Clinic” at

Very nice facility, everyone there was nice and professional. Even met one of the members on the forums here. :grinning: @ChadW

Well run range, very safe, and VERY nice, not sure how many ranges they have, but drove by several. Class was somewhat basic, draw stroke, shooting, accuracy and speed. Was a bit different for me, as I was originally taught a 5 count draw, then a 4 count at another place, and they used a 3 count draw, so some adaptation.

Anyway, if you are in the Jackson Mississippi area, check them out. I plan on attending some more classes. Bonus that they teach USCCA classes as well. And they have a pro shop, and had Glock mags in stock…

Kinda tempted to try one of the IDPA comps one day. :smiley:


Boondocks is an awesome place. Plan to head down for some training there this summer!


We took a half day class as well today, Trigger Burst Training in Thousand Oaks CA.

Room clearing
Active Shooter
Home Invasion
Bounding Overwatch

We used SIRT pistols and blowback airsofts.

Excellent training session.


Hate to say it but, if you do you will be hooked. Great bunch of guys and good practice. IDPA is a more practical game as opposed to USPSA. I am USPSA run and gun. Either one is fun but gotta find what you like. Like I said don’t do it, it’s addictive.


After thought;

Don’t go out and buy all the trick stuff. Bring what you got. They will class you appropriately. If you don’t have it you will be overwhelmed by the guys, and ladies, with offers to use theirs. Like I said great group of shooters involved.

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Glad you enjoyed the class! Boondocks is patterned after Gunsite , in fact many Gunsite Alumni that have said the Defensive Pistol I class is very comparable to the 250 class, that you get about 80% of it in the 2 Day class.

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