Tactical Tuesday: Continue your training - finding a trainer

Check out Steve’s training tips here:

What did your first firearms instructor teach you?

BTW, I’ll be taking the USCCA’s Defensive Shooting Fundamentals Class this weekend - any tips on taking a long range class?

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I have not had formal training as of right now, however I do plan on taking hunters safety in the fall if I am allowed to. Is hunters safety a good place to start?

I just got my CWP in the mail today. To keep up my training as well as range time, my CWP will allow me to go back through the course. Hearing everything again doesn’t hurt a bit, but I’ll do it for the excellent shooting coaching. I was blessed to have an excellent instructor and one on one coaching for the whole group. There is no way he doesn’t go in the red with all his expenses and hired team of experts. I try to help in a small way by donating equipment like the holsters he loans to his students. My continuing the classes is small money well spent. Help out you instructors however you can. This is not a way for them to get rich.