Where do you train and how often?

I used to train at Front Sight in Nevada and went there a couple times a year for pistol and rifle classes. The facilities and instructors were excellent, but Ignacio went off the deep end during the last election, got tangled up in a lawsuit and jacked up the prices making the value proposition less attractive. That, and the weather in Nevada absolutely sucks.

Now, I’m looking for something else. Not lookin for a beginner class. Looking for draw from concealment classes, firing while moving – 400-500 round count, variety of distances.


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I’m going to follow this thread as well.

Unfortunately, in my experience, virtually every class out there is either for straight beginners (because straight beginners show up no matter what pre requisites are listed), or they are $500+ a day for a big name SOF type guy that you have to travel to get to and rosters fill up the minute they are listed. Can’t really find the in between (…and also from experience, beginners show up to those classes to and are still ‘that guy’ who holds things up…)


Check out the Sig Sauer Academy in New Hampshire. Unfortunately, if you want to shoot big you will likely have to pay big. Finding a “bargain” may not be worth the savings.


I was thinking of going there while on vacation. Still would like to go there sometime. A person needs to get training on a regular basis Weather or not, the situation will never be on your side. Murphy’s law will be applicable to any self-defense situation you will have and being prepared for it will just help you out with the odds!


I actually live in Pahrump NV. Unfortunately Frontsight is under bankruptcy right now. Their future looks glum. My friends and I train weekly at the BLM shooting range just out of town.


I’ve been there about 20+ times over the years. The facilities and instructors are excellent. Once you have a membership (check out eBay, all sorts of memberships are available), there were no fees for attendance at any classes, which made it a real bargain. Ammo was available and gun smith on site at fair prices even during recent shortages.

But that’s changed in recent years, so do your research.

Nevada desert weather is “religious experience” brutal, especially if you’re old and out in the sun for 2-4 days, 6-8 hours a day, slogging back and forth to check and tape up targets with ear-pro, a hat, glasses, boots, a firearm (that gets heavier every hour) and a concealment garment.

That said, I learned to competently draw from concealment and place 2 rounds mid-thoracic cavity and head shots under time pressure, rotating targets, point blank, 3, 5, 7, 10 and 15 yards. Rifle from close in and out to crazy distances. Learned malfunction clearance – type 1, 2 & 3 and emergency reloads – all under time pressure. Night shoots and ((frankly) marginal shoot houses. Way, way better than what passed for training when I was a cop.

“Bring what ya got” class philosophy, so did classes with several different types of semi-autos and revolvers and saw every imaginable configuration in the classes. No big name tactical operators, just really competent real-people instructors. Young, old, fit, fat, men, women, experienced, inexperienced and even handicapped trainees.

You’ll learn whether your favorite firearm and concealment rig can be counted on after a couple hundred draws, firing, reholstering and lugging it all around for 4 days in 90 degrees. Learned to completely disassemble to the frame my ancient Hi Power in a class intended for 1911s. My 66 year old sister learned to rappel. That was too much for my metal knees.


Too bad. Maybe it’s a strategy to get out from under the lawsuit filed by one of the marketing vendors. It wish it luck.


More like 110 degrees!

  1. Daily, at home, with laser cartridge, around 100 dry-fire rounds

  2. Every 1-2 weeks, live fire at local indoor range.

  3. Every 1-2 months, in-person training at local indoor range.


Safe to assume this is Bureau of Land Management??? :wink:


Correct. Only about 10 miles from my house, so quite convenient.


I’d suggest watching for the classes taught by top notch itinerant instructors who teach around the country hosted by various schools and ranges. They all teach multiple courses in the self defense category you seek.
Rangemaster Tom Givens,
FPF John Murphy,
Massad Ayoob Group,
Active Response Training Greg Ellifritz,
The Complete Combatant Brian Hill,
Modern Samurai Project Scott Jedlinski (Jedi).
Active Self Protection John Coreia & Neil Weidner,
and others…


If you’re in New Mexico you should check out Sanchez Tactical’s advanced urban tactics training. Completed that today and we did everything from holster work to reload drills, misfire drills, shooting from cover, and shooting while moving all while maintaining the fundamentals.

We happened to be in a downpour as well and it made the experience that much more intense with impaired visibility and mud gunking things up. He’s supposed to have a sequel to that class coming out in a few months as well.

This class was an absolute blast and gave me a ton of insights on what I need to work on as far as my mentality and technique as well as getting me intimately familiar with my equipment from quirks about my gun and my IWB holster.


Thanks for the info. My sister lives in Santa Fe and is interested in attending his class

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