Front Sight Firearms Training Institute

Is anyone familiar with Front Sight Firearms Training Institute and its founder Dr. Ignatius Piazza? When I joined another firearms forum, he was one of their sponsors. He offers a free 4 day training course at his facility in Nevada. He claims it’s a $2,000 value. Has anyone here taken his course or do you know anyone who has? This offer sounds too good to be true.

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I have a few friends that have gone. All have said gun classes were very well run and good. Mr. Piazza is more of a marketer. Take the $2000 value with a few grains of salt (in my opinion).

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Do you know what that would actually cost out of pocket? I heard he charges $50 a year for background checks.

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No Sir, I do not know.

And please don’t take my post as a criticism of Front Site, as I said, I have heard the classes are great. At one point, I had gone in with a friend and was going to take a class there, logistics and finances did not work out for me. My friend has been back a few times to FS. I just got a weird multi level marketing feel from all the emails and such from Mr. Piazza.

But, I would kinda doubt he is giving away $2K profit for free…

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Slight understatement on that part… Dr. Ignatius Piazza Never.Stops.Pitching.

No, seriously, Looooong pitchy emails, sometimes several a day.

I did overlook the chance to become a Knight of Front Sight recently, despite about a dozen emails reminding me that I’d never get the chance again. (wait… I could be a KNIGHT?!? Like a for-real armor-wearing horse-riding sword-and-lance-wielding KNIGHT? oh… ok, maybe not that…) :smirk:

But, I have also heard good things about the actual classes. And if they ever finish their facilities as planned, they should be spectacular.

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Is it worth it? Sure, maybe. 4 days with almost anyone is worth $2,000. If you’re an accomplished shooter it may be too elementary but you are not getting taken.
5-8 hours for 4 days. Bob and I don’t run classes for that many days (2days only) and students pay us about 250-350/ day.

Seems fair.

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I’ve been offered similar deal (free 2 day Defensive Handgun training from Front Sign) after finishing one of handgun classes.
The only cost is $50 for the year you are going to attend the training.
Seems to be fair deal from student’s perspective, there is no way to have such training within this price range…
For Front Sight - another $50 on their bank account…

Check their website before attending… so many gear limitations and restrictions…

For me, personally, living and working in IL, this deal is not worthy… Maybe some day… For now I’ve added it to my “1001 Things To Do Before You Die” list :wink:


I’ve been to Front Sight at least 4 times. I have a life time unlimited membership that I paid $250 for, it is a marketing promo event. Once you are a member you will get about 400 emails a day and 15 recorded calls a week (exaggerating for affect). Here locally one would pay $400 - $500 a day for training. With the lifetime membership (and I can sell you one) you can go as often as you like. I have sold 5 memberships to friends who have all went. Every person I’ve ever taken is overwhelmed at the professionalism, safety, and class of the operation. I have only taken the handgun courses (I believe all of them except the masters class) and loved every minute of it. I have a friend going in two weeks to take one of the rifle courses. He’s taken the 4-day handgun course twice. All in all, highly recommend. I wouldn’t pay the $2k for it though, as I said I and any other member whose been there awhile will sell you a lifetime much cheaper.


They do everything that the web sight says. It is a hugh operation. 1000 a day was not unusual but done in small enough groups that it is hard to believe until you go to it. I did the 4day handgun it was excellent in every way. You will fire 600 rounds, so give your thumbs some practice loading magazines, that is where I really felt it.