Low income and training

I have been looking around for some solid training classes by reputable instructors and I started to get disheartened. Looking at the prices of most of the classes i had seen was anywhere between $400 and $1500 good instructors should be payed well but then you add $300 for a thousand rnds of 9mm the 2 or 3 days off work for the drive and and then at least $200 for a hotel. Now to some people they could pull this off saving over a period of months or a year maybe but when i add it up its more then i paid for the car i drive. Its more then i make in a month and on the high end its more then i make in two in a half months. Wife kids and all the bills that come with it. It took me 3 years to be able to afford a good dependable handgun . I want to be the best armed citizen and protector of my family I can be wich is why i joined USCCA . But you can’t get good training on a budget you get what you pay for. In less you know someone


Try looking at the range you normally practice at and check the USCCA list of certified instructors. Instructor-led training does not have to mean taking a trip to Gunsite or Thunder Ranch. See if you can find an instructor (most will) who will be able to do a small training class, even if its only for an hour at a time. The time, money, and ammo commitment will be much smaller and the price for an hour with an instructor will be much more palatable than going to a fancy class with everything else involved. Search by your zip code and start calling and emailing to see what your local instructors can do, and see if you can get a buddy or two to spread the cost out. Perfect example is a local indoor range less than 10 minutes from my work has USCCA instructors who will do one on one instruction at a very reasonable rate.



Thank you for the help that dose make it seam a lot easier to achieve


Good enough single training can start from $50. This is what I paid for 4hrs of “basic handgun classes”. Then the prices go up.
“Advanced Handgun” (4hrs), “Holstering” (2hrs) classes cost me $99.
USCCA “Defensive Shooting Fundamentals” (8hr of great classes) - +/- $135
USCCA “Defensive Pistol” (3hrs)- $125

I’ve been attending private classes (group of 6 - 8 shooters) with great Instructor (whole day of defensive shooting, tactic, drills, running, clearing malfunctions… and many , many more) every month for $120.

These are really NOT expensive and great classes. Definitely worth it…
If you look for few days training - you have to expect prices close to $1K.
You can always try “Front Sight” training if you find a good deal.

Yes, you can. Start with basics, then you will find good Instructor, or Instructor finds you and he/she will take care of you and your skills.


What are your training expectations? Realistically, what do you require given your lifestyle? Have you evaluated what’s available locally?
You mention wanting reputable instructors so I’m wondering if you had a bad experience or something?

Look up your local USCCA instructor. If that’s not possible maybe contact your local law enforcement/police academy training officer and pick his/her mind for instructor recommendations.

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^^^^ What they said! Check for a local USCCA Instructor. I am teaching a lot of very full classes right now and have started offering private lessons as well. The nice thing about the private lessons is people get one on one time with an instructor to really get the basics (90 min for about $75 in my area). I also will give couples lessons - which has ended up being a couple of friends as much as a couple.

Your local ranges may offer even more classes!


I’ll throw out something completely different, because well, I’m me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No matter what you carry find an IPSC or IDPA competition and enter. Leave your ego at the door and be prepared to come in DFL (Dead F&^$%^G Last) I did my first 3 gun match some years ago with a shotgun that I had never fired, a pistol I had fired 15 rounds through and an AR that I zero’d at 25 yards standing two days before the match. I had no gear, no mag pouches, no speed loaders and a worn out drop leg rig that had seen much better days. I hd been stationed in Hawaii for 4 years with a year before that in CT so my gun training was as low as it had ever been plus I had just moved back to VA so most of my world was still in boxes and in storage.

By the end of the day I had several good laughs at my expense and a bunch of phone numbers and names of people that were willing to help me as well as access to several private ranges and top shelf shooters that owned them and made several new friends. I also learned that the sights on the pistol were off and fixed them on the range, got some decent dope on the AR and gave myself a bloody nose with the shot gun because I am used to shooting a rifle.

I say all of this because competitive shooter are competitive but they are also the nicest folks you will ever meet when it comes to helping out a new shooter. Most have years if not decades of experience and are willing to share and help for virtually nothing as long as you are safe and willing to learn.