Defensive pistol 1

Has any one taken this course . Your thoughts would be appricated.

Who is running the class? Never heard about this class before.

I took the class to become an instructor for Defensive Handgun Level 1. The instructor course was 2 days, 12 hours each day, on the range, learning drills, practicing the drills, (live fire), and then teach segments back to the class. USCCA has now made the instructor course 3 days, which I think is a good thing, as it will allow more time for the students to learn, demonstrate and teach back the drills. There is also an online course and exam that is required before to be completed before participating in the range portion of the class.
The Defensive Handgun Level 1 course, for those just wanting to learn some new skills, is one day, and requires some online work prior to the class. Instructors will focus on safety first, proper grip, working with what the body does naturally, sighted s unsighted fire, lateral movement, presenting the weapon from the holster, and executing an emergency reload, just to give you an idea. Most instructors charge about $200.00, plus $30.00 to USCCA for the online portion of the class. Hope this helps.
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USCCA certified instructors.
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OK… So here my problem comes again…
I’ve been trying to use USCCA Training website ( to find classes… and you have to be a Magician to use it.

Now I know that “Defensive Pistol 1” may exist… however it’s very hard to find it on the website…
Hopefully @Dawn can talk with USCCA IT Dept to make Training website easier for us.

Have you tried the Find an Instructor function? From there you should be able to locate instructors in your area, ( zip code), and the courses that they teach or have coming up.

I should have also added that after you sign in, go to My Dashboard. Under My Dashboard, you should see a link titled Education & Training. Click on the link and a screen should come up where you can type in your zip code, which will then give you a listing of upcoming courses that USCCA Certified Instructors have scheduled in your area. Cost of the course, dates, course description, etc., will all be included. Make sure to read the course description, as some instructors may title it differently.

From the USCCA training sight.

@Jerry53, whatever you try it always gives hard time.
Mostly I’m looking for specific class… let’s say “Defensive Pistol 1”.
Try to find this class ;-)… or even better, try to find instructor, who has this class :zipper_mouth_face:
My point is (I’ve already posted this long time ago) that there should be a list of ALL CLASSES hosted by USCCA Instructors so I would be able to match something for me, not guessing what I’m looking for.


  • USCCA has 861 classes I can choose from:

  • I can narrow the search ONLY to these:


Believe me… it still not easy to find “Defensive Pistol 1” class here :neutral_face:

I can sympathize with that. You may have to be willing to travel in order to find the Defensive Pistol course you want, especially if you’re in IL. Because of winter weather outdoor ranges are often limited, and indoor ranges don’t like shutting down for a day. I’m currently negotiating with both an indoor and outdoor range to start booking classes, and I have access to a range at the hunt club I belong to, but that has its limitations as well, because we go quiet when we’re in season.

Go luck and keep looking!


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