WPS Network Pistol Rifle Courses

I am thinking about joining WPS Network. I’ve been considering it for awhile. I am more interested in the Pistol and Rifle class recordings.

I know many people will challenge this statement, but It’s hard to find the time and money to attend a lot of classes.

Point is, $100 for training I would other wise not get to see. Is it worth it?

(I don’t want to get into a debate on the concept of Warrior Poet Society, just the training aspect. John level is a good instructor. He just added rifle sections to his courses, and now I’m interested because it seems easily worth $100).


It’s definitely worth it! His classes are very in depth and easy to understand. There’s also some episodes of his warpoet show where they just do some funny stuff (beware! There is bad acting).
There are episodes of “order of man” which will challenge you to be a man of values, integrity and purpose.
Craig Douglas has close quarters classes that teach how to get the upper hand in an entanglement type of fight.
You won’t be disappointed!


I think its worth it. I signed up a little bit ago and watched the Rifle 1 class over a weekend. If you’ve seen his Youtube channel, you already know his style of teaching and more or less his approach as a former door-kicker and how that may or may not translate to civilian usage (I think most of it does).

I haven’t yet started his Rifle 2, and I also have his Pistol 1/2 in the queue. As @RickeyC noted there is a close quarters class from Craig Douglas which I’m sure is excellent. John Lovell has mentioned that his eventual goal is to have more firearms/defense trainers in the network as a place to be away from Youtube so they can monetize and not worry about being shadow banned or outright banned. I support this idea and was another factor in my decision to sign up.

The Rifle 1 class covers a broad range of topics like rifle setup, zero, carry positions, ready-ups, mag changes, malfunction clearing, etc. The production quality is top-notch.


I’m a WPSN subscriber. Have been since pre-launch. My honest assessment of the training? The newer to guns you are, the more you will learn. It represents a mountain of solid information, a newbie will probably have to watch the segments twice to process it all. I wasn’t a newbie, but still had a lot to learn, especially about pistols. I received solid information on sight acquisition and trigger control with pistols from John’s online courses. I didn’t learn as much with rifle, but that’s because I have more experience with them, still picked up on a thing or two though. They’re overall an entertaining experience… as long as you can appreciate Lovell’s sense of humor (dad jokes, lots of them).

Plus, there is more then just the training. Some of it might appeal to you, some of it won’t. Depends on what your interests are, and what you find engaging.

For me, sure it was the training, but ultimately it’s getting the platform to grow. It’s an investment in the 2A community. THAT is worth every penny in my book.


I am an information junkie. I can not get enough information. I have watched the rifle 1 and 2. I have watched pistol 1 and 2 and I have learned from both of them. I would like to take one of the classes live. I have taken what he has taught and applied it to my training.