Kimber LW

Just bought the new Kimber LW my 4th Kimber and have to say it is the best 1911 I’ve ever owned… surprisingly lightweight shoots like a dream with little kick …I carry it in a Desantis Inside holster and have to say I don’t even know it’s there …Tim


Sweet! You got any pictures of it?


That’s awesome!

Thanks. Couldn’t resist the new Army grips


Nice, I like how they did that front sight. (I am assuming it is fiber). What flavor is it, .45?


Yep .45 the only cal I’ll carry…It came with fiber front sight I just ordered the fiber rear… my eye doesn’t pick up the Kimber white dot I pick up the fiber really good…Tim

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Awesome shot awesome pistol. It’s a Kimber. I’m a big fan, however, a word of caution, hide the serial number when taking and posting pictures.


What a piece of crap!
Do you need my address for shipping the piece of crap? I’m willing to pay shipping!


Nice score! Congratulations!!!

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I’ll do that right away lol …Tim

She’s Hot :fire:!

Yeah that’s a beaut…

I saw these at Cabelas yesterday. They are priced pretty well for a 1911 with the features it has :flushed:. I was tempted, but visualized what my wife might do if I bought it :joy:.

Lol I know how ya feel…MERRY CHRISTMAS my friend…Tim

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Merry Christmas!

Also great is the Kimber K6s combat.

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I bought one several months ago from Cabela’s also in ceracote.
Absolutely love it!

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