Kimber KDS9c Double Stack 1911

For all you Kimber fans - they have entered the double stack 9mm 1911 arena.

As far as I can tell from the photos, this is completely different configuration from the rest of the field, Staccato, Springfield DS Prodigy, Stealth Arms Platypus, etc. The closest counterpart I have found is the Stealth Arms Platypus. The Playpus retains the grip safety whereas the Kimber has deleted it. Both the Kimber and Platypus appear to be a one piece frame/receiver configuration. In contrast the Staccato and Prodigy are two piece frame/receiver configuration consisting of a frame with a grip module pinned to the bottom. For example, this is a Staccato frame/receiver:
@Jerzy can correct me if that is not the serialized frame part of the Staccato.

There are already a number of YouTube reviews of the Kimber KDS9c available. This is the ever popular Colion Noir’s review: Kimber’s First Double Stack 1911 For Concealed Carry - Kimber KDS9c First Mag Review - YouTube

With the exception of the Staccato, the others are roughly $1.500 MSRP.

The only personal experience I have with any of these is the Staccato. I can tell you if I would of had a couple thousand extra disposible income available, there would be a Staccato living at my house right now :slight_smile:


Yes. I can confirm the picture shows Staccato’s frame.

Looking at the new Kimber I would say the Company didn’t follow Staccato line.
The STI’ (then Staccato’s) idea was having high capacity 1911 with lighter grip which ended up with pistols made from 3 separate main parts - frame, grip and slide. All mechanics and actions parts remained the same.

There was another line of high capacity 1911, made by Wilson Combat.
Their pistols are made from 2 parts - frame / grip (being one part) and slide.
Wilson Combat also removed grip safety, making the gun less 1911-ish for 1911 lovers. However this concept is not bad. There are thousands people who really like no grip safety.

So for me, the new Kimber KDS9C followed Wilson Combat EDCX9 or eXperior line more than Staccato products. Also the KDS9C barrel shows where the idea came from. :wink:

Anyway… I’m so glad Kimber added such pistols to their line. Another gun people can choose from. It’s always a good thing to have more bullets than less :slightly_smiling_face: