Do Kimbers Rust?

Nice… When I looked at Kimber. the sales guy told me they have a tendency to rust. True?


I’ve had the Pro CDP II since 2005 and it’s been left in the car, used for CCW, etc. It’s been moved around a lot and it still looks fantastic. Note that different Kimber’s have different finishes and metals which is what makes them different between all of the models. For the CDP’s in particular (Custom Defense Package) they have never shown any signs of rust with any of the ones I’ve seen or owned; however, these are built in the Custom Shop, so they are generally very tight brand-new and usually takes 300-500 rounds to break them in. I only mention that because Kimber’s do have a reputation for FTFs (failure to feed). I had some issues with my Pro CDP II, but my new Ultra fired perfectly with 150 rounds last weekend. They are great firearms. They have something for everyone.

They have 4 categories that all of their firearms are based on:

Micro - smaller, non-1911 pistols
Ultra - 3" barrel, officer’s grip on a 1911
Pro - 4" barrel, full-size grip on a 1911
Custom - 5" barrel, full-size grip on a 1911


I’ve been carrying the Kimber Ultra CDP II for close to 2 years in a pocket carry holster with no problems so far. I did add the Green Laser grips from Crimson Trace which I like.

I don’t remember being limited on carry guns from Ventura Cty. but I never had more than 2 or 3 I wanted to carry when I was up there. It does seem to me that I was allowed to change a gun on the permit (after qualifying with it) but I can’t swear to it. I had a permit through Simi Valley and then the Ventura Cty for about 19 years. Orange Cty used to have the same 5 gun limit but that changed with the new Sheriff. But they’ve always (since I’ve had a permit with them) allowed adding or changing a gun on the permit.


For those that don’t know, any Kimber that has the “II” designation on it just means that it has an extra firing pin safety that is required to make it compliant in California to prevent an accidental misfire if the firearm were dropped on the hammer with one in the chamber. They don’t replace the regular “I” models.

James, like you, I added the CT laser grips in green on my CDP II. If you buy the Ultra CDP (LG) it only comes in the “I” variation and I don’t live in CA, so that extra safety doesn’t really mean anything to me.


probably bc its a new rule. they change everything all the time. originally I couldn’t carry anything off roster. they have since changed that back.


Stainless isn’t really “stainless” they just rust slower. :grinning:


I think the salesperson is a bit confused. Pretty much all metals rust, just at different rates. Depends more on the finish of the gun and how much the finish gets worn by the user.


All steel rusts, even ordinance grade stainless will eventually rust.

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