Joe, you're so silly!

So Joe Biden says in the debate that 150,000,000 people have died in the US from guns since 2007.

Wow, wow, that is almost 1 in 2 of our entire population. So basically the house or apartment on either side of where you live, every person in there was killed by a gun!

What’s wrong with these people?


Pretty bad, and his aides are incredibly naive for going on record at least twice. Once for rounding up the “rich” and sending them to forced labor camps to work on “infrastructure”. The second time for rounding up Republicans and Conservatives to be sent to reeducation camps.

At least, like he also said if you listened closely, he is running for senator and not for president and that’s a relief.
Soon he’ll be running for a judgeship in the psych ward.


Maybe running for HOA board next.


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President Trump would eat him alive. :crazy_face: :rofl:


I can’t believe he’s POTUS.

This OP was from a year ago.
I just look back and can’t believe everything that has happened since feb/2020.

Rod Serling couldn’t have written it any better! Well maybe an EMP and extraterrestrials introduced into the mix.


you sound like every democrat I know for the past 4 years! LOL

No wonder we need gun legislation–if he’s right, guns will claim more lives than COVID, and there’s no vaccine or mask! Quick–pass some laws! We need more of those!

Ahhhh, an idea.
Masks are to the wuhan as to what plate carriers are to violent acts with guns, only a plate carrier would work.

Closing this topic as the world has changed a bit since this was first posted. Please visit this thread for the latest discussion on President Biden and firearms/Second Amendment: Biden tells Congress to enact major restrictions on our 2A rights