Job searching

Anyone here work as a service tech? I’ve got an offer, and I’m not interested in disarming or discussing 2a at work. How do you manage driving a company van while armed?

What if a customer ends up being in a federal building for instance?


If your employer and employment documents do not say anything about firearms, you don’t discuss nor disarm yourself. You just drive and carry.

Me personally, if I know I will have to visit federal buildings for my work, depending on the location, I either leave my firearm at home or secure it in a secret place in my car.

I’m in the good position to decide if I want to go to certain places in certain time. So far all jobs done for federal agencies were in quiet, peaceful locations during the day. :crossed_fingers:


Be smart, not cunning or crafty. Weigh risk, be smart.


As a process server for seven years, I’ve had the pleasure of visiting plenty of federal buildings, law enforcement offices, courthouses, airlines, etc. Always locked it securely in the vehicle! That is my POV.
Company vehicles could be a little more tricky! Look for the fine print, company vehicles are private property!
When serving at schools, colleges, universities, hospitals and post offices, I scheduled for a day I would go unarmed! As in left it at home!
When entering such buildings searches, metal detectors, temporary I.D. badges and escorts were a common occurrence. Even the pocket knife had to be secured!


Going on a military base is a definite no no. Not even locked up in a vehicle lockbox. They can x-ray the entire vehicle.

Someone should start a business renting lock boxes just outside the military bases.


Appreciate the question though. Regretfully, reminds me how limited our freedoms are. On the one hand, we have a right (under the law), but then another set of laws prohibits us. I’ll try to be supportive our freedoms.


I think the decision of what safe weapon to peacefully carry and where to carry it, should be as free of reproach as the decision of what god to worship and where to worship.

I doubt even the postal office would have the gall to tresspass someone for sitting on a prayer mat for 2 minutes in front of their po box.

There is a religion (Sikh) that requires men to carry swords. Not sure if it’s all or just baptized or some other subgroup. There needs to be a religion that requires the same of firearms.

And no, Sikh’s aren’t required to wave it around or stab anyone with it. And an employer can’t tell them to keep it in the car. No idea what they do at airports though.

I’m already prepared to end the interview if they condition the job on disclosing (covid) vaccination status.

I’m fortunate enough I don’t entirely need more job right now. So I think I’ll just read any contracts they send me well and bring it up when and if they do, offer to sign with that section struck.

It might even be better to bring it up now so I don’t get pushback about bringing a proper lockbox to keep in the truck.

There might even be value to the act of walking from a job offer over this.

If nobody ever did that, then HR drones would be free to think “nobody ever complains about gun restrictions”. They already said my skills and personality are exactly what they’re looking for. So it would be fitting if they lost out because of a restrictive policy.

I’ve spoken at city tax hearings before, when I know everyone up there already knows I oppose increasing the budget. But I got up and spoke on the record Just so that I don’t hear some snarky city admin say “nobody opposed the last increase at the hearing” (implying everyone must love more taxes).