Job searching without comprising human rights

I got a call back to do an interview next week for a service tech job traveling the city and going on commercial premises and maintain equipment.

I already told them I’m not comfortable discussing my vaccination status and they didn’t hang up on me. They scheduled me for an interview.

The job would involve me driving a company van full of tools. My personal vehicle is equipped with a gun safe but I doubt a company van would be.

I can imagine just making a habit of bringing a metallic lunch box everyday big enough to hold my holster again. I would not intend to use it unless the customer site turned out to be a jail or court house or federal building etc.

How many of you conceal carry in a multi-site service job like this?

Any tips?

I know that any company policy manual today likely flagrantly violates the inalienable human right to the position of weapons and I have no moral qualms with violating such a tyrannical policy. In my state there was no right to work so I can quit and they can fire me at any time with that reason anyway. So I don’t much care if they have a reason or not.

In my state there’s no criminal consequence to violating an employer policy. But it is possible they might have customers I need to visit who fall under the list of prohibited places.


Well, you would have to come up with a way to know where you will be going ahead of time and not bring a gun at all those days, or have a viable excuse to not go to a job site, as there are places it would be illegal (common example, a post office parking lot even just driving through).

You’d have to be sure you and only you drove the vehicle you were in when a gun was present to guarantee you don’t commit a felony (or otherwise) based on where it is driven.

You’d have know ahead of time if you could stop somewhere and privately and discretely lock up the gun vs having anybody with you or caravanning etc.

Seems like a tall hurdle.

Good luck


If you can completely secure that “lunch box” in the vehicle that would be a plus (stealing tools, etc. from work vehicles is very common). Carrying that lunch box into a job site probably not a good idea. Follow the “don’t ask, don’t tell” path. Know the law where you will be working.


Going on a military base is a definite no no. Not even locked up in a vehicle lockbox. They can x-ray the entire vehicle.

Someone should start a business renting lock boxes just outside the military bases.

Some days you have to just go naked. Feel out some of the other employees for tips about job sites. GE for example requires you to take an online orientation before going on the property. It’s pretty strict. Went naked that day. After being there, lockbox in the vehicle would have worked at the particular site I went to.

I half jokingly told my boss I’m not allowed in Illinois. He didn’t ask why. There’s an outspoken 2A supporter in the office with the boss. I’ve never approached the subject with the boss. Sometimes forgiveness is better than permission. What they don’t know won’t hurt them…

Don’t trust anyone.


Wearing a fall protection harness can cause you to print pretty badly. Plan ahead.


I only carry at work when I’m not expecting to see a manager, and when it’s the weekend. So it’s going to be a draw of a lottery to catch me carrying.

With that said, be smart about it.

With that said I wonder how hard it is to find a job after you’ve been fired being caught with one?

My company has stated they will fire me and everyone who knew about it if it ended up being found out I carried on the job, would they do it? I don’t know.

I’ve been here for 5 years, been carrying off and on for 3 years now, that statement was made 3 years ago. I’m a current assistant store manager, and I also have authorization to search others peoples belongings and cars if I suspect they have drugs or a weapon.

I don’t agree with the policy, and I will not be conducting a search even if asked to.

Ohio law states I can’t be prosecuted for having a handgun in the parking lot, locked in my car, if I have a concealed handgun license.

Also, how would they go about conducting a search? What if something of mine goes missing, even though it states in the policy they’re not responsible for loss items, if they search the car or the person, and a firearm gets discharged, who is liable?
If they proceed to search somebody, and a weapon is discovered, what are they going to do, and how are they going to react if they have to fight that person?

I also heard in the company that one of our maintenance guys used to carry, even bring it into meetings, and they knew he carried, they just said the company has no security so they can’t really do anything about it.
I’ve talked to Truck Drivers, about every one of our drivers carry.

In my honest opinion, you hire me to business under you, to watch the store, to make sure I’m not stealing, and handing the right change out, why shouldn’t I carry a gun in your store?


Should he have said wait a minute and gone and put it in his vehicle because of a meeting??