What's your workplace's firearm policy?

I’m very blessed to work at a place that values my right to defend myself. I’m surrounded by like-minded people every day. In fact, this morning as I came into the building, I saw a coworker showing his new gun to a few people. (See the picture below.)

What is your workplace’s firearm policy?



I work in a gun-free zone. We aren’t even supposed to have a locked one in the car when we’re in the parking lot. Makes the drive home at midnight at little concerning.

mine basically says if you have a license to carry, you’re okay. But I also work from home, so I can do whatever I want there. Lol


Well I’m an armorer so… FB_IMG_1498249870611


Unfornately they will not let us carry!! Even if it means saving someone’s life!! Can’t have it in the property either!!!

I think we should all visit @AdamJ at work!


No firearms on the property. Luckily they dont own the parking lot.

@Dawn would you believe me if I told you that playing with guns all day can get old? Shooting them is a different story.


I totally understand @AdamJ!

As a first responder in Indiana volunteer EMS and Firefighter we have a two sided sword that we’re fighting. We run in to help those in danger yet today you have no idea if they intend to take your life. All states need to pass the bill giving those that can and want to carry to help defend themselves that right. With drugs and just plain high risk and dangerous behavior in this nation we are put between a rock and a hard place. We are losing volunteers faster than any other time and the youth isn’t stepping up to fill their shoes.

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Military base, so…none for me.

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Cant carry at work and since I have a company vehicle I park at home…

Thank you for your service, @Jonathan1.

The fact that the trained military cannot carry on military bases boggles my mind. You’re trained to carry.

If they’re worried about PTSD, then a bigger focus should be on improving mental health.


As far as I have been able to find out my work place doesn’t have an official firearm policy. Pretty much if it’s legal they’re cool with it. I just don’t bother to carry there for three reasons. 1- As a mechanic having one on me just gets in the way. 2- I don’t want to leave a gun unattended in my tool box as I am frequently not near it. 3- I just don’t want to leave a gun in my car.

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My son is a mechanic as well (he’s 19) and doesn’t have a gun at work (because he’s 19), but he does have a few Sig stickers on his toolbox. He loves it when I have extra gun manufacturer’s stickers!

My tool box



Awesome, @Thad! Love the USCCA sticker - let me know if you need more!


That’s a generous offer @Dawn. I think I’m all set for now though. I still have 1 or 2 that I haven’t found a place for yet. :grin::+1:

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I want a sticker. I’ll put it on my bulletin board in my office.


I work in a welding shop that hires felons. If I am caught with my Glock, I would be terminated. My Wife also works here. I’ve carried everyday since the second day, 4 1/2 years ago. I’m a very good concealer you may say. This is a job, and there are many like it, I only have one Wife, and one Life. I’ll keep carrying my Glock.