James Woods: If you’re confused why we have the #SecondAmendment to the Constitution of the United States, listen to #BernieSanders’ field operatives and their plans for you


At least they are being honest about their intentions. I have found it very strange how often the police stand down and allow violence and looting in the last 10 years or so.


Why is it always Milwaukee? :frowning: I may leave town during the DNC. :confused:


In high school back in 94, I was exposed to something similar to this rhetoric. We had a guest speaker invited by a campus club, a college professor used very similar language about the wealthy taking advantage of and looking down on the Latino community. It was a very volatile time due to a few bad things happening earlier that decade. (Not here to argue, justify or discuss that time period, only referring to incidents effecting ethnic communities). Emotions and sentiments had been all over the place. He spoke on how we, the Latino and Black community had been takin advantage of. How we needed to vote for a socialist way of life so everyone was treated equally. A bunch of garbage. The tipping point was when he said we were Mexican. What he didn’t realize is that at that time the Latino community in my small city had two VFW post, a Knights of Columbus and a large presence of veterans who raised the kids of our community. About the point when he said the Mexican comment a friend of mine shouted out ( I was born in the U.S. and I’m a American, not a Mexican!) Most of the student body who were Latino cheered this comment. The point is that we battle this by educating our youth on the Constitution and the sacrifices that our older generation of family made fight to defend our countries freedoms. Then we hope that once armed with that knowledge they can carry on the good fight.


If the city has a habit to hang cops to dry for “brutality” complaints, you cannot expect any better.

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I noticed this in the news: https://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/485557-la-district-attorney-apologizes-for-husband-pointing-gun-at-black-lives

“I apologize for my husband acting as any man should when he saw thugs outside the door. Thugs that wowed arson and murder of law enforcement officials for year. But this is Commifornia, where we don’t draw lines between community of law abiding citizens and community of thugs hell bent on intimidating and suppressing law abiding citizens. I promise to continue to support all members of our community, no exception, heck, I’ll be the first person to throw a rock through the Walmart window. As long as you continue to elect or appoint me. Workers of the world unite!”.

Come on down to VA Beach we’ll go play guns and I’ll get you on steel at 1K yards. Heck you might just draw a crowd to meet “The Dawn” :smiley: