"RED FLAG" Bill Agenda being pushed?


What is Everyone’s take on a new “RED FLAG” Bill Agenda being pushed? What rights and options does Law Bidding Citizens have? When people can call the Police and Lie. This would trigger an investigation based off lies and pure hatred b/c people realize if Police are called they will come.


I have always believed in saying something. Some of these shooting could have been prevented it people spoke up AND officials followed thru with their job.

The most dangerous part of red flag laws is that i haven’t read or heard of any repercussions for false reporting.


They passed it in Massachusetts last year, under the guise of helping people at risk for suicide, although hanging and suffocation account for 50 per cent of suicides here. GOAL worked to try to get language in the law that would’ve made it mandatory that the person is offered mental health help, fines for false reporting etc, none of which made it in.

So basically the state is saying they want to cut down on suicides with the end result being we’re taking your guns, no due process, have a nice day?

Maryland, in the first three months of their Red Flag Law, removed about 1,000 firearms from owners, 300 permanently. I’d like to know the info behind the 700 that got theirs back. Is it false reporting, revenge, etc?

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I totally get the concept of the Red Flag laws, but without checks and balances they’re abuse of power by anyone who wants to attack another without proof.


I understand the thought process, and in a perfect, incorruptible system, might even support them. That said, I believe they will be abused, and it will just be another way to disarm citizens, and all the red tape to get your guns back after you’ve been cleared will take years.


There is no doubt this is being set up as a confiscation plan masked as a safety plan. Its live in fear 101. Item (A) is scary but you’re in luck we can protect you from it.


Thanks for the clarity; Since the bill is very new to the western states hard to research without speaking to certain citizens and/or individuals of states have engaged or activited the “Red Flag Law” Bill. I believe it’s really important to have insurance to represent anyone in this strange convoluted society.


Great point Dawn! Just curious with my experience and often carry openingly can raise a few questions or concerns due to hatred. I’ve said it before this bill raises concerns for my wife and I. Main reason why I wanted more of a in-depth conclusion.

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very dangerous with the political correctness minded people in this country and another move by the ones wanting to disarm us
Must be addressed by supreme court if need be and put that fire out and head to another

i believe any angle or approach they can take and be successful at picking your rights away they will push it and think tank it…


Red Flag laws are NOT the solution under the guise of preventing suicides. If someone is seriously mentally ill they need to be treated. If it’s done in a more careful way like not grouping all mentally ill in the same bracket. My brother could have shot himself but instead hung himself. Ban rope. Do background checks on cars. There are so many effective ways to do yourself in without leaving a mess for someone to clean up. So I believe Red Flag laws are a slippery slope and a sligh way of gun grabbing.


To this point, I have heard nothing of checks and balances that would prevent the misuse of these laws (not just by law enforcement, government, etc). I also question the constitutionality of seizing and arresting on what may be a point of view or worse, someone just being malicious…which leads me back to my first point. (My life is a circular reference)

What are your thoughts on this being Constitutional? 5th and 14th amendments?:us:


i recently responded to the reps in regards to the email information i received from Eric Pratt at gun owners of America


agree with you
just another way to chip away at out rights and undermine erode our right to being an armed responsible American

the fight never ends