J.B. Pritzker has a successful court shopping trip


This will go to the U.S. Supreme Court hopefully soon. This is a dangerous precedent. We all know the old addage “when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns”


It really won’t matter if SCOTUS over turns this BS.
They will repackage it, give it a new name and trot it out again. And again. And again…


No joke when semi auto guns are outlawed all criminals will be lined up at the police department to turn in their AR15s and their over extended hand gun mags. No joke folks, cornpop assured me of it. :upside_down_face: :exploding_head:

When the Protect Illinois Criminal Act goes into effect, criminals in Illinois will feel alot safer.


People that want to protect themselves are the minority. This is how politicians get votes. USCCA giving him publicity doesn’t help USCCA. Encouraging people to defend themselves helps USCCA. We are not going to become the majority by showing our hate for someone. We are going to become the majority by showing our love for everyone.

Since like 99.9% of the people with FOID cards haven’t registered their guns and if the state goes after all who haven’t registered; where in the hell are they going to put them? Most state prisons are already over crowded and understaffed.


And, the question is always “What are individuals prepared to do about it?” Here are the options in my view:

  1. Write strongly worded posts on the internet and to newspapers in hopes that “the people” will rise up and “do something.” Magical thinking.

  2. Leave the state.

  3. Organize to unelect the elected officials who run Illinois. Semi-magical thinking.

  4. Ignore the law and hope that law enforcement does not discover and prosecute them. Semi-magical thinking.

  5. Hope that unaccountable jurists will change the law when presented with lawsuits from gun organizations. Magical thinking.


I would go with option 2


OPTION 6 :question:



@Scott52 OPTION 6 :question: they’re whispering take our Country Back! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Ever seen videos of what the Nazis did to people they didn’t have room for in jails or prisons or the people they feared (gun owners) or people they blamed for their own failures?

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Easterbrook was the judge who sided w Madigan on McDonald vs. City of Chicago, which went to SCOTUS and got slapped down.

Easterbrook is anti-2A and this case was heading there. It was a given. It would have been a miracle if the 7th were to actually reverse itself and sided w the plaintiff.

Lets hope that ACB picks this up ASAP.


Hello and welcome @Michael1810

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First, how does the state know which guns you own?
Outside of the Chicago Handgun permitting process the state (ISP) has no knowledge of what you own.

So that’s the first problem.
The second is that some legal pundits question the legality of the registry itself.

The third… what would be the underlying crime that would be cause for a judge to sign off on a warrant to search your house?

Now here’s a bit of irony… SCOTUS has a ‘in common use’ test. While El Fatzo claims that his law is legal… it would fail the common use test. So by having low numbers of registered guns… maybe El Fatzo is right. Nobody really owns Semi-auto rifles?

Now its possible that the AWB guns are now safe queens or have been transported out of state.


In an ideal, law/legal based world, and on a personal level, I agree with all of this.

But, this is the People Republic of Illinois, and these are PC times where “feelings” outweigh laws.
What carrys the day now, is who has money and the media on their side.

Things like right and wrong, legal and illegal, moral and immoral, and even definition of words are all subject to interpretation and feelings.

“Vote the bums out” is a thing of the past.
All these blah blah blah groups are just that.
Read up about the rise, hay day and fall of the Roman empire…

5 or 6 years ago I’d have said that’s all just defeatist talk, now I call it … whats actually going on.

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I am far and away far from being completely knowledgeable about this subject. With that said; my understanding of a FOID card is Firearm Owners Identification is needed to own and in many if not all such places also require an authorization card to buy said firearm. Basically making a registration list of who owns and what they own.

I live in a mostly free state where I walk in fill out the federal paperwork and walk out in ten minutes with the gun I wanted. I’m sure somewhere the ATF has a list or else they wouldn’t be going around knocking on doors.


You have to understand in IL, there’s down state and then Crook County IL. err I mean Cook County.

The state is so Blue that we are essentially a single party system run by corrup, er influenced politicians…

Our last line of defense is to sue. Even here El Fatzo wants hedge the system forcing lawsuits to take place in either one of two courts where one court is in the very Blue, Crook County.

El Fatzo knows that their interpretation of the law fails when considering Heller and Bruen. The AR-15 is one of the more popular rifles if not the most popular rifle in use. So the common use test kills the bill.

The second thing is that they are comparing a semi-auto rifle w a select fire rifle. Then denouncing the caliber (with really bad science) ignoring that there are bolt action rifles with the same caliber and are not banned.

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Ok, here’s a quick primer…

In order to even touch or handle a firearm, you need to either have a FOID card, or be in the presence of a FOID card holder. If you want to purchase a gun, ammo, or even just look at a gun within a gun store, you need a FOID card. You show it, then they will talk with you.

The good thing… you get the FOID card, Illinois State Police (ISP) does the background check and you just have to show the card. You still need to do the 4473 form when purchasing.

The bad thing… if you’re 18, you can’t get a FOID unless your parent signs off and assumes responsibility for you. (e.g. the Highland Park shooter’s dad is liable for his son’s actions hence he faces charges and lawsuits) So if you’re in the military or a college student in IL, you cannot get a FOID card until you’re 21 even though you are legally old enough to buy a rifle or shotgun.

There have been challenges, but the state plays it out until the plaintiff ages out making the lawsuit moot.

The FOID card doesn’t tie back to gun ownership. Since I own guns, I have a FOID card. Because my wife lives in the house with me, if I’m away and something happens, she has a FOID card so that she could handle the fire arms or to stop an overly aggressive LEO deciding to confiscate the firearm because there’s no FOID card holder present. (Note: I don’t know how real it is but heard ‘stories’.)

So not all FOID card holders own guns.
Some get the FOID card so they can go to a gun range and rent a gun to shoot, or to go shooting w friend.

This is also why the number of FOID card holders and the guns being registered isn’t an accurate count.
Now for those who own now banned guns… they have a couple of options.

  1. Register
  2. Move out of state
  3. Move the firearm out of state. (e.g. get membership to a gun club in WI that has storage facilities. )

We all know that there are problems with this law beyond the 2A arguments. Like if you currently own an AR-15 living out of state… but then moving to the state. How do you register it?
Does the registration violate your 4th and 5th Amendment rights?

Most will either make their firearms ‘safe queens’ or move them out of state.

Many, myself included believe the state is trying to create a gun registry that can and will be used against law abiding citizens.

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Nice thought. But modern revolutions don’t a track record of producing Jeffersons, Adams or Washingtons, but looked more like this and produced “leaders” like Lenin, Stalin, Putin, Mao, Pol Pot, etc.
Russian Revolution

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Never know, until you try! What we have now is a slow transition towards Mao, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler et al. Did I forget Yahya Sinwar? Leader of Hamas!

Without it, we’re producing Rashida Tlaibs, AOC’s, Cori Bush’s, Ilhan Omar’s, gotta nip tyranny in the bud!
We’ve never created these types of leaders until now and that took place “without” a fight!

I just finished a conversation with my accountant, I expressed a certain amount of hope the earth would right itself on its axis, seems I’m wwwwaaaaay more optimistic than he is.
He’s wwwaaaayyy smarter than me.

I’d rather try, than die! I think Patrick Henry said it better!
There are worse things than death! Another four years of this administration is torture! Are you prepared to live on your knees, under a “green regime”? I think we should understand if Israel goes, we are next!
I don’t know what it’s like to fight for our existence, but I’m ready to try so we don’t get that far!
We’re about 5 years away from that! At my age, that’s a lifetime!


The things about revolution to keep in mind are:

  1. Revolutions involve lots of killing. The American Revolution involved American colonists (aka “loyalists”) killing other colonists (aka “patriots”). Those who advocate a modern American revolution are endorsing Americans killing other Americans. Who are you prepared to kill first?

  2. Modern revolutions often devolve into one political group engaging in mass killing to “purify” their movement or consolidate power by labeling one group of individuals traitors, counter-revolutionaries, RINOS, etc. Examples include Stalin’s purges, Mao’s “Cultural Revolution” Pol Pot’s purge of intellectuals, and potentially the conflict between MAGA and non-MAGA Republicans. Those who endorse revolution often don’t believe they could ever be victimized by other revolutionaries.

  3. Revolutions can fail, with the participants labeled terrorists or traitors and imprisoned or killed by the government they seek to change.

  4. If history is any indicator, modern revolutions do NOT produce Jeffersons, Adams or Washingtons, but rather, they produce Maos, Stalins, Lenins, etc. Despots are more likely than enlightened leaders.