It's the stupid stuff

So there I am surfing USCCA and the wife comes in holding her thumb. She got bit by the mandolin slicing cucumbers. I figure “No worries I got this.” and go off in search of a band aid. 30 minutes later I find ONE Scooby Doo band aid in a box of Boy Scout stuff (my youngest son is 22 y/o). Along the way I found everything you might need to fix a bullet hole, major trauma, sucking chest wound (all chest wound suck by the way) fracture, dislocated finger, toe shoulder, knee. More Israeli bandages than I knew I had, multiple CAT tourniquet’s and several packages of Quick Clot. Suture, sterilized instrument packs and the occasional chest tube.

NOT A FRIKKIN’ BAND AID in the whole house that is not 15 years old!!!

Kinda like TP, who’d a thunk you’d run out of that!

What common every day items have you found that with out suddenly wreck your day?




Lack of band aid is a pain. I’ve got plenty in my house, none at my work…
But I’ve been using my emergency bandage at work - any piece of paper and electrical black tape.

Not a common thing, but my worst nightmare - no EpiPan around. There are no words I can use here to describe the feeling when you need it and you know you don’t have it. :astonished:


I had a moment this week. I go to a pain management clinic. They must be getting desperate because they said they wanted to start seeing patients.

Well, they call me and tell me to come in, as they think I am a low risk patient. I asked who reviewed my file? They didn’t know.

I have Addison’s. It’s extremely rare and stress can quite literally kill me. Stress, just normal everyday stress has to be managed. I always carry my emergency medication. But since we have been on quarantine, I forgot it.

I was not pleased.


I couldn’t find a Sharpy (Re-dating gas cans after getting fresh gas) or a BIC lighter (double checking contents of GHB’s per advise from the other topic about Bug out Bags.)


Things I usually keep but really miss when I forget…

  1. Brimmed hat when it’s raining out.
  2. USB charger when out and about
  3. Napkins and/or Kleenex in the car.
  4. Keyring nail clippers (for chipped nails)

I always carry at least one band-aid in my wallet and two or three in a belt pouch with alcohol swabs. Depending on my activities, I usually go through 9 or 10 per year.


I have 3 pair, safety, sunglasses, I wear for driving. 3 brand new pair. Never can find them. I try to keep one in each vehicle, for sunglass management. This morning, I cant find any of them. Borrowed the mrs pink sunglasses, Ill be styling!!!



Do I know that feeling. I buy the cheapest Sunglasses I can. I go through at least 6 pairs every summer. I always find them somewhere stupid a year or so later. I don’t even look at high end sun glasses anymore.


I thought about adding a Bic to my kit, but got worried about leakage, perhaps for no reason beyond paranoia. I now have half a dozen strike-anywhere matches in a steel screw top container.


Starter Gel for our pellet stove. I ran out last year when it was really cold during a snow storm, and the store was closed for a few days, Lowes was also out… Cotton balls and Vaseline will do in a pinch. Do does a blow torch.


I’m the same way. Like @Zavier_D, I buy the cheapest sunglasses I can because I’ll lose or break them. Of course the pairs I don’t really like are the ones I can find first all of the time.


I read an article where a breast implant saved a women’s life, the bullet changed the trajectory. Do you think we will have a run on implants?

Sunglass update! I found a broken pair in the driveway, musta (my Montana lingo, I am originally from MT.) ran over them. Kinda looked like truck tire tracks…and yes I returned the mrs sexy pink pair I borrowed.


I bought a pair of expensive designer sun glasses when I was a kid (20’s). Lost/broke/scratched them, who knows. Since then I started buying them from Target, super cheap. But, the lenses were always were of poor quality and always distorted the view.

Years ago I discovered the Kirkland (Costco) brand of sunglasses ($25) have great quality glass and are polarized. They don’t say “RayBan” on them but I’m married and not out to impress anyone anyway.


@AlexV I roll up a small ball of tape under the Fork (had to look that one up) and then wrap tape around the top of the lighter. I do this with all of my pack lighters. :wink:

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Fiz, are the Kirkland glasses safety rated? I buy the Edge polarized from the net or my welding supplier. Years ago they were cheap…10 or $12, now they are $25. If I wore the rayban type, my mrs might think I have gone nutz. The mrs has several of pink camo sunglasses. I wear hers sometimes to get a rise out of her…LOL…or so we can be matching. Then her words are “what the freak Kimberly!” LOL LOL

OHHHH BUT WAIT!!! sunglass update!!! Just found a pair behind the coffee pot!!!


I’m not sure about “rated”. I wear them when weedwhacking, chainsawing, driving the loader/grappler.


A little background, I am Scandinavian, norske and swede. Very anal about my coffee. Have a senseo coffee machine that uses pods. Was running low on pods before the virus struck, and always order off the net. Found a supplier in London, and ordered a 3 month supply, was cheap. Then BOOM, virus struck and supposedly no flights out of Britain. Ran out of coffee pods. Had to reinstate the godawful drip system. Cant find any locally, was out of pods for 3 weeks! Finally they showed up “royal mail” what ever that is!

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Glue. I took my last Locktite GO2 glue out of storage and found it had thickened in the unopened tube, I couldn’t finish my project. :roll_eyes: The glue had been in a tote for two years.


I’ve learned to always carry a couple band aids in my wallet because I bleed easily and that tends to get messy !!

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I’m the same about sunglasses- never want to be w/o them, and there are also toothpicks strategically located EVERYWHERE :slight_smile: I feel you on the coffee too- I was hooked before I started school. I’m one of those ‘instant human, just add coffee’ folks! It’s like there’s no reason to get out of bed if there’s no coffee…

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When you can’t find any bandages, you could always improvise with some superglue (cyanoacrylate). Clean the wound, push both sides together and apply over the wound to seal. The stuff bonds to skin almost immediately.