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Just finished Beth Alcazar’s article in the April 2020 edition.

Yes it’s in the Women’s section and I read that section because I read the magazine from cover to cover.

But that’s my point. I’ve turned into a chick, because not only that, but her description of EDC is virtually spot on with my concept, sans the girly storage boxes in the article photo.

Oh well. Wanted to pass that along before I leave the house to search for a new pair of pumps and wedge shoes at Nordstrom.


Just my opinion, but she’s woman worth emulating


lol…hahahahaha…lol…yes. She’s a great gal… er… ah…
I mean lady… I agree…


@fox - This definitely gave me a chuckle this morning! I take ALL of it as a compliment! :blush:


Fox sir,
“to search for a new pair of pumps and wedge shoes at Nordstrom”

However any excuse to ride a “scooter” is an appropriate frolic!

Nordstroms might not be open…if you could give us a dissertation on how to properly ride a bike with your new sandals would be in order. LOL…When I ride my “Jap” I wear my serpa retention holster. In the back country one time, I lost a gps. Good news is that a week later, I found it. I cant imagine going to a range, or the grocery store, and discovering my edc, was not where I installed it. The worst part would be someone observing an older grey haired dude, that potentially may have lost his mind.

Now the ugly…since we snowmobile, the mrs and I have not figured out how to properly carry an edc. I carry a backpack with an avy device, and my shovel…it becomes heavy. In the spring we have encountered wolves, in an are where we ride. I carry enough gear and survival gear, I really don’t have room for an edc. However, still working on the concept.

The magazine you mentioned? My favorite and the smell of print, and glossy pages, stirs a muscle memory to trek to our range and fire a few frolic rounds!

Ride safe and carry on!


It was meant to make you smile as always. Ur’ a good kid and deserve the compliment.


{{{{{-looks at gray hair on top of her head and laughs hysterically at “good kid” comment… until she hurts her back from the laughter… [sigh]}}}}} :rofl:


The mrs and I have met Beth at a USCCA training, great articles and keep up the great work!


@SKIdaho I can do a review of the pumps and wedge shoes on the Harley just as soon as this ‘pandemic’ thing subsides in 18 friggin’ months, which I think they’re gonna’ drag it on to just to ‘work’ us all because they simply get a kick outta’ it.

Anyway, when Nordstrom’s re-opens, I’m thinkin’ ‘bout pairs in the colors of chartreuse and alamay. I want something designer styled. I’ll let ya’ know if they work draggin’ the heels on the tarmac as I come to a stop light.

I’ve tried Serpa’s. The first three models I tried just did not lock my weapon in place and I ended up using velcro straps to hold the firearm in place. Defeated the whole purpose. Then I purchased the newer, upgraded Serpa’s that finally solved the locking issue and in a nice way, but they are huge. Just absolutely huge, so I finally went with a leather unit for AIWB. I have trouble with all holsters, and I’ve virtually purchased them all, but the trouble is that as I’ve aged, I can’t as easily keep the belly weight off my stomach and so thing’s want to naturally push out the holsters, whether IWB or OWB on the sides and drop the entire units on the ground.

My EDC is constantly changing too as you stated it is for yourself. I just can not find anything that truly ‘works’ for me. The other problem, and again, it’s me that creates these problems, is that I hate to wear larger waist pants to accommodate the IWB rigs, and so I ask for it because of my stubbornness.

As for wearing while riding, I had my OWB rig on me at my 5:00 o’clock while test riding some new Harley models a couple of years back and, as you brought up, it kept riding up and working out of my waist until at one point I no longer carry on my person, because it almost caused me to lay the bike down and I’ve never laid a scoot down in my entire life yet and don’t want to start now with the reason being a dropped firearm on the pavement with approaching vehicles behind me. So I now tuck it in a roll-up laced to my handlebars. And there’s even a catch to that with forgetting it or unraveling the roll-up to get it and some nosy hand-wringing ol’ lady sees that and the rest as they say, is history.

So I too have my EDC issues. Ur’ definitely not alone in that category sir.


Yes. I live just south of the headquarters and went to an open house they had a couple years back as well and met the gang. All nice and good people. Met and took photos with Tim, Steve, Kevin and many others there. Met and talked with as many as I could get to in the one day visit. Don’t regret the trip at all. It was just like visiting the open house setups that Harley puts on. One family.


This is why I use a shoulder rig while on the bike. I do NOT want to worry about losing a firearm while riding.


You are absolutely correct. I have a few shoulder holsters and even better than those are the chest mount should holsters used in Alaska with big caliber firearms. I have them for my larger calibers but also have them for 9mm and 40 cal and ur’ right on target, that’s the one I’m gonna’ start using from here on in. Take care dude.


Fox, sir, I think the chest carry would be a great idea. In the winter months, with my avy bag, avy beacon, other misc supplies I carry, the weight hampers my riding ability, then the added weight of an edc, is no Bueno. The ingenious concept of carry on the sled is novel, however when I stick the dam thing, sometimes to unpin the heavy bugger, results in rolling over the transportation machine. In some cases I have had my tunnel bag come loose. In certain weather predicaments everything gets wetter than wet. We also have wolf tags, I might add, that requires a longer barrel.

Ill add a little story here…a few years ago, we were riding our favorite area, and because we share trails, there was a bicycle race on some of the same trails we use to get into the back country, and then we can traverse cross country with gps. These bicycles have large fat tires. Picture this scenario, riding a fat tire bike, uphill, in the snow, in a race. Great for some people. On this particular day the temp was going to drop to -20 or more at night. I cant remember what had happened but we had to tow one of our sleds out, and as we reached our parking lot, when of the dads of one of these riders came over to us, and wanted to rent our sleds. As a wannabe detective sleuth, and many questions later, his son had not arrived at one of the check points. Picture this, dark, -20 degrees or more, dudes and dudettes riding bikes, We refueled, suited back up, got directions, and headed up the trail. The race promoters had no back up plan, and the last bicycle rider was 25 to 30 miles from the parking lot. Picture this, each of these riders were not dressed for super cold temps, as riding a bike in the snow is physically demanding. We shuttled out on the back of our sleds 6 to 8 riders, 20 miles from their last check point. (our sleds are made for one rider not two, but we got the job done). At the last check point, it was so cold the race promoters couldn’t get the propane heaters to ignite! (I think the temp there was -25 or -30) Yes we made several trips and rode those dudes out, the last dude was almost frozen. Luckily we carry spare gloves, etc. Now the point…dark, colder than dry ice, wet dudes, exhausted…area adjacent to Yellowstone park, wolves, cats, than can prey upon exhausted victims, and yet the exhausted victims could freeze to death. We finally got the last dude out by I think after midnight. Did any of us have a firearm? Are you kidding me? Over the years we have done a fair amount of riding at night, but we are dressed for the weather, however with the growing wolf population, and the wolves becoming less timid to humans, no Bueno.

That was too long of a dissertation. In the summer months, we always carry firearms when we ride quads and bikes. The serpa works great, but pinches my fat tissue. Bottom line, I and we will look into chest rigs. On the quads we can carry long barrels. I don’t want to get into a discussion about the wolf population and the decreasing elk population. Big bore ammo in the backwoods, condition yellow, lets ride on!

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We can “fight the fat”, and carry on!!! LOL LOL!!!

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Have you considered a tank bag? I believe they make them for both snowmobiles and motorcycles. The reason I never went with one was because I heard that over time, grit can accumulate under them if not maintained. The bike I kept over the years now has a side bag that sits over one of the rear pegs that is accessible from the rider’s seat, but doesn’t work well if you want passengers (I’ll see if I have a pic).

I’ll add, although I didn’t carry back then, for longer trips on the motorcycle I sometimes used a fanny pack (since I had a camping backpack with overnight gear, but had to pay tolls), or would use a sling pack that I could rotate around my body when I needed to access something while stopped and sitting on the bike… usually the sling pack was small and light, so usually only good for around town transport.

I don’t know if the “scooter” comment was literal or not (I might have missed the reference when glossing over the April '20 article). However, I used to live in Milwaukee near the HD museum. Lots of older factory workers in the area that had Sciatica went from riding touring bikes to scooters and were pretty darn impressive with them. Also, some of my fondest memories on two wheels were riding a GF’s moped through the hills in Austria and a scooter through the streets of Bologna at Christmas time.

Older pic of my bike with the side bag (“solo bag”):

Nicer pic from when I was still in Milwaukee (just for good measure):

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Nice!!! My vocabulary is somewhat generic and not exact, scooter=motorcycle, grocery getter=small car, motorcycle! LOL LOL!!! Nice bike!!! Riding in Austria? Awesome! I have been thru the Harley museum in Sturgis. Thanks for the great pixs, awesome pix in Milwaukee, and info!!! Maybe Fox will give us a pix as well!


Fox…check out scotty pix!

Thank you for the story. Doesn’t matter its length. That’s why we’re all here. To share. Even stories. I enjoyed it and consider it a compliment that you take the time to tell me a story. As bikers, we’ve all been there. Started the morning in the heat and went out with light clothing. Didn’t plan on getting far away and spending all day riding, but we did and then by night time, we were all freezin’ our buns off. We’ve all done it as riders when newbies. Live and learn. However my newbie days are long, long past me. I started riding as a junior in high school during 1967, so those things I mention above I’ve done decades ago. I remember my neighbor Gary coming over one Saturday morning asking if I wanted to go for a ride. I said sure, as always. Well, it ended up that we found ourselves down in Kentucky from Illinois at an old grocery store goin’ out of business after 100 years and that day we were there was the day it was closing. Then, because of the way we looked, me with an outgrowth, patches everyone on my vest, smoking a stogey and loud pipes, some hand-wringer called the police. When they came, my neighbor Gary showed them he was a cop from Chicago and then suddenly all the attitudes changed. LOL. Then the following summer after that, the same thing. Gary came early morning outta’ the blue again, wanna’ ride, sure and we ended up in Hannibal,Missouri standing on the only thing left of Mark Twain’s house, which were the front door concrete steps. LOL As we rode in, we didn’t have helmets on and as we were crossing the Mississippi coming into Hannibal, a trooper passed us going out of Hannibal and made a U turn to get us. We gunned it over the bridge, pulled into the gas station that was and still is right there and ran into the station. The first thing the fella behind the counter told us was the we had some cahonies on us to ride into Hannibal without helmets. LOL But anyway, have a Kydex with leather straps chest rid that holds my Sig P320 that I use a lot in winter cause’ it’s so easy to wear and comfortable, that I’m gonna’ start using it when riding my scoot. Oh yea. Scoot is just what old time biker dudes, called graybeards, call their Harleys. I have an old 99 Softail Custom, or at least that’s what it was when it came outta’ Milwaukee and that’s gonna’ be the last one for me. I was thinking of freshening it up with an S&S since I live in Wisconsin just South of Milwaukee by the WI/IL border and scooting up to Viola, Wisconsin where the S&S factory is, but I don’t know at my age that I any longer have the strength to do all of the wrenching on bikes anymore, but we’ll see, if I don’t die first before then. hahahaha. Anyway, I saw Scotty’s pictures of Milwaukee and his scoot. I know exactly where the photos were taken in Milwaukee. I have one of the front entrance and one of my scoot from years ago, but I don’t know how he attached them here in the USCCA site. But I will look. If I find how you he did it, I will send those two photos for you guys to see as well. Take care dude. Ciao.

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Thanks for the advice Scotty, but I’m not a tank bra or car bra guy and as you stated, they do ruin the paint. They are the worst thing one can do to one’s paint job using those things.

I’m just gonna’ use a Kydex chest rig. That has been the most comfortable and easiest to wear. They’re for using up in the outreaches of Alaska, but its design will work well for what I need it to do while riding as well.

oh, and as far as using the word scooter, I’m just an old graybeard biker dude and that’s what we’ve always called 'em with my generation. I started riding as a junior in HS during 1967 and we don’t shake things off that easily as you will learn as you grow older too.

But no. I don’t physically have a ‘scooter’. I have an old ‘99 Softail Custom with the Evo motor, or at least, that’s what it was when it came outta’ Milwaukee, and that’ll be the last scoot for me.

Since I live smack between Milwaukee and Chicago in Wisconsin, I was thinking of running up to the S&S plant up North in Wisconsin and picking up a larger motor since I only have an old 80ci (1340cc), and freshening’ the ol’ gal up, but I don’t know. I’m getting old to be doing that kinda’ wrenching on bikes anymore. But I’ll see. Who knows. Maybe. Maybe one day. If I don’t die first. hahahahah

I have a photo of the front of the old Milwaukee plant where you took your photos and I have an older photo of my scoot, but I don’t know how you attached 'em here. If I can figure out how you did it, I will show you them in return as well.

Take care dude and Ciao.



Yes. I’m trying to figure out how he attached the photos ‘cause I wanna’ send one of the old Milwaukee plant that his photos were near as well as my scoot, but I can’t figure out how he attached or copied them. LOL