Carry on a Motorcycle


With the taste of almost spring-like weather in Wisconsin yesterday, last night I had dreams of riding our Harley this summer! (For those of you who’ve never experienced a snowy winter - the first warm day is nothing short of amazing!)

This will be the first year I’m doing a lot of riding. We’ll be riding with a couple of friends and in some bigger groups.

Do you ride? If so, how do you carry when you ride?

We have something similar, but not this exact bike. For a while I will be passenger only. I take my motorcycle drivers class over Mother’s Day weekend - I may be pretty quiet on the Community that weekend. :slight_smile:


Personal question, how tall are you? I’m not going to say get a Sportster just because your a woman. My point is, get something with a low seat height. A Fatboy low, a Deuce, a Sportster Custom. They are better suited to people with a shorter inseam.

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I’m short - 5’4". I’ll be riding passenger for now on our Ultra Limited.

I usually carry 4 o’clock but I’d rather have the firearm more accessible as a passenger. Any suggestions?

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I really depends on what you will be wearing. I’ve been riding Harleys longer than I care to say and depending on what I’m wearing I will carry my Springfield XD-40 in a shoulder holster or my Springfield XDs-40 in a IWB holster or ankle holster. The main thing to consider is be comfortable. Because if you aren’t comfortable, you won’t carry.


Shoulder is what I was gonna suggest. Or, FlashBang bra holster.


Riding is why I bought my shoulder rig. I also open carry as well as having a CC vest with gun pockets on the inside.

A friend of mine owns a local leather repair/motorcycle gear shop. This year she got in a new thigh bag that is also a CC bag (she had it in the store for 3 weeks before she discovered it had a CC compartment). I will be getting one of these before I start riding this year.

Two years ago my wife and I took (mostly) route 66 from Wisconsin as far as Las Vegas (I have friends and relatives there). Before I made the trip I researched the CC laws of the states I was going to travel through. I then applied and received my non-residence CC from the state of Florida. This allowed me to carry in the two states that did not recognize Wisconsin’s CC at the time (thanks for the maps USCCA).


What thigh bag did she have, @DBrogue? I’m thinking that might be a good option for me. As a passenger, a shoulder holster might be hard for me to get to.

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I will stop at her shop and take a picture of it for you and post it



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You’re awesome! Thank you, @DBrogue! (If she’s got a smart phone she could just text you a picture of it - may save you a trip.)

We’re hoping to ride this Saturday for the first time this season. It should be a balmy 50 degrees! :wink:

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Sorry Dawn, I forgot she is closed on Mondays but I will get you the information tomorrow. Oh and no extra trip the store is on my way home from work.


Here are some pictures of the bag i was telling you about. I even got Toby to model it.


Thanks for sharing that @DBrogue! I’m definitely going to check into it.

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If you ride to Stoughton on Saturday she is open and has a few on hand

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Hmmm… we are riding on Saturday - do you think she’ll be open then?

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Yes I know she is open I think until 6 pm but 4 for sure. The store is on main street across from the theater.


It’s supposed to be 55 on Saturday! Yay! So maybe we’ll head that way. About an hour from me.

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I am kind of short (5’7"), and ride a 2019 FLHC ‘Heritage Special’. I normally carry IWB in the 8 or 9 o’clock position (I’m a southpaw.) The holster angle can make a big difference in the comfort of your rig.