Riding motorcycle/conceal carry opinions?

I ride a big ol Harley Street Glide and often ask myself "whats the best way and/or best side to conceal carry while Im riding? Which side has a better advantage to drawing if ever needed? I generally carry outside of waistband on right side about 4/5 o’clock. Ive tried some “dummy” rides with empty .45 SPringfield XDS (my everyday carry). Ive tried to let go of throttle while drawing to find it difficult to retrieve gun while wearing layers of either riding shirts, or jackets. To me,letting go of the throttle is a mistake because now I cant leave the situation. So I purchased a leather vest from LeatherUp.com which offers a great conceal carry leather vest. One could conceal left or right inside the vest. Real nice wide elastic band in inner pocket to hold gun in place and separate band right beside it for extra mag. Did another “dummy” ride with an empty gun with it concealed inner left in vest. Found if i only snapped bottom 2 buttons with zipper only pulled up same amount,left me plenty of room to retrieve my gun. Same situational question of,now I cant leave cause my hands off throttle to retrieve my inner left,BUT…I found I can dump the gun right back in just as fast and get my hand back on the throttle in a manner of a few seconds. Entire time,Left bike in gear,just used left hand to hold clutch in. This way all I gotta do is dump the gun back in vest,dump the clutch and throttle away. Yes,I can literally dump the gun right back into the inner pouch of the vest,(it didnt always end up behind the elastic band,but it made it into inner pouch),the opening is big and with my bottom two buttons snapped and zipper partially up,it keeps gun in a good snug spot.
My “dummy” rides were on my friends property that has long farm lanes I was able to reach at least 30mph.
Theirs a gy that lives in same town as me that made some type of fame by making left side cover a conceal carry,buy reaching down and opening the top of it/ If seen this and the opening is barely enough to get your hand in and ive seen this guy demonstrate this and every time he damn near fumbled the gun,due to the small opening,so this was not an option for me.
Ive looked around on here but didnt find any of the same topic. Any riders on here that conceal carry? How do you fair? Do you ever think of how you would draw if needed?

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