Best way to conceal carry when riding a bicycle?

Went back to riding my bicycle at least three times a week. Haven’t quite figured out how to keep my pistol on my person without printing. I’ve used a frame bag, saddlebag on my cargo rack, and even carried a back pack. Even though all three are feasible there is a delay presenting in cases of an emergency. Any ideas?
Thanks for the feedback.

What’s your outfit? The best for me is belly band holster with hard shell. My favorite position is AIWB, but for bicycle it has to be a little bit higher, so band helps.
If you get belly band holster, that is adjusted with the cant, cross draw is even better.
Then loose t-shirt and no printing.


I frequently ride my bicycle as well. I currently use the Comfort Concealment Belt. It is as thin as my normal gun belt, but it wraps around like a belly band holster without having to go through the belt loops of pants. It allows me to carry my firearm in the normal holster with a concealment claw attached. It allows the claw to engage and push the grip inward for better concealment, just as if I were wearing it in a pair of jeans with a regular gun belt.

This way, I can ride my bicycle with my firearm, without printing. It is also great when I just want to wear basketball shorts or sweatpants.


The one time I did this I used a fanny pack with a Velcro closure on one of the compartments.
Still presentation was impossible without stopping as I found out when a pit bull (with a bloody mouth no less—it had probably been out killing chickens) chased me about 1/4 mile before giving up.
Obviously stopping was not an option.


I’ve stuffed my G26 in the saddlebag, worn it 4’o’clock owb, no spandex here :wink:, and clipped the holster to the front brake and derailleur cables by the steering tube… haven’t worried about printing and haven’t had any comments… I ride rural only, or off road…


Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Will look into the belly band and the comfort concealment
belt. Heard that squirting water in a dogs face will stop them from chasing you.
Hey, thanks again. Happy riding to you all

Try 1-2 drop of ammonia in the water.


I ride a recumbent trike and keep a pistol in a bag attached to the handle bar riser. Shoulder rig would be possible but nothing on the waist. When I was a kid with a paper route I carried a squirt gun with ammonia in the water to discourage dogs. Spray bottle would do the same. Also carried a fish billy in the paper bag. Had to squirt a few dogs but never had to use the billy.

I don’t ride while carrying all that often but have used a fanny pack successfully but presentation is significantly slowed. Belly band is a good idea that I haven’t actually tried out yet. I also pocket carry but you need the right gun, holster and pocket combo to make sure it can’t slip out or print to significantly while on the bike.


Be safe.


Thought it was bleach :grey_question: